Security – the Web2.0 way

Panda Software has launched the mini, customizableversion of NanoScan, the new instant virus scanner from Panda Software to detect active malware on a PC in less than one minute. NanoScan is available at:

With this launch, Panda Software is contributing to the rapidly expanding Web 2.0 user community,” says Jeremy Matthews, CE of Panda Software South Africa. “Portals such as iGoogle, Windows Live, NetVibes or Protopage, already have custom versions of NanoScan, where visitors can benefit from the exceptional speed and detection capacity of NanoScan. If you have a Web portal and would like to include a mini, customized version of NanoScan, write to: .

Since NanoScan detects all the malware that could be running on the system (viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, etc.), it provides a highly useful second opinion that complements any antivirus installed on a system.

Currently, NanoScan detects more than 1,000,000 samples of known malware and is continually updated against new threats, with almost 2,500 new samples a day. It also detects unknown malware thanks to the Genetic Heuristic Technology.

NanoScan uses a new Collective Intelligence approach. This approach includes automated processing of large quantities of information about programs and files, in a new infrastructure managed by PandaLabs, and real-time communication with users computers. This way, the malware scan and detection is performed on Panda Software servers, not on the system itself. Thanks to this new approach, NanoScan is capable of detecting even malware samples that slipped past other antivirus solutions, and are active carrying out malicious actions on the computer.

Take a free trial of NanoScan beta version at: