Rwanda: Country in Bid to Introduce $30 Village Mobile Phones

Rwanda is close to introducing US$30 mobile phones to be spread throughout the rural area.

With a target of one mobile per household, the Government envisions that peasants will be part of the modern communication age.

During the launch of the broad band connectivity workshop at the Kigali Serena on May 8, the minister of state in charge of energy and communications Mr. Albert Butare told Journalists that repayments will be made by installments over six months.

There is a bidder who quoted US$19.9 for a mobile phone, we plan on releasing 60,000 phones in the first phase and later one million phones.”
The mobile phones will come with portable gadgets that are suitable for charging in rural locations.

The charging system will either be by solar or hand held dynamo.

Butare told Journalists that the tendering process was at final stages and results of the tender would be announced in the next few weeks.