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May 21, 2007 • Top Stories

The growing convergence between television and Information Technology (IT) is set to become more viable with the introduction of the Playbox technology into the Nigerian television space. The enablement of this convergence was strengthened with the technical partnership between Long Transmission Nigeria Limited (LTMX) and Playbox Technology. The partnership will enable the deployment of a modern and state-of-the-art television broadcast system that will enable television stations in Nigeria to meet international standard.

The partnership between LTMX and the UK-based Playbox with operations in six regions of the world is in the area of equipment installations, support and training.

The Marketing Director of LTMX, Mr. Ejiro Okene at an interactive session with the media in the company of Don Ash, Sales Director of Playbox said that the two companies are set to change the face of television broadcasting in Nigeria.

Okene noted that with the jobs the companies are doing for Channels and SoundCity Televisions in the area of installation of fully automated playout system which will enable Soundcity to ingest, store and play out programmes for six channels at the same time.

This technology according to Don Ash, Sales Director of Playbox Technology UK is as stable and robust as other brands but at a fraction of the cost.

While underscoring the importance of this technology to Africa and Nigeria in particular, Ash said this will significantly reduce the cost of running a Television station.

Ash who disclosed that Playbox was launched in 1994 stated that there are more than 2500 airbox Tv channels. The company he added has established support offices in reseller networks covering over 60 countries and 27 OEM partners using playbox video and graphics.

He also stated that Playbox currently has more than 7,600 licenses of various playbox software modules. He added that the short term goals of the firm includes the launch of digital signage DS with focus on sales and marketing, while it midterm goals includes the establishment of Playbox technology as the reference playout and DS provider.

It also includes expanding the territorial Playbox technology offices throughout Europe . According to Ash,the long term goals of Playbox includes the continued expansion and growth of territorial play box technology offices throughout the world. Establishing Playbox technology as no 1 in playout and digital signage added Ash is the major goal of Playbox.

Ash reiterated that having looked at a number of products available in the market “we came to the conclusion that the Playbox technology is the most suited for the Nigeria and this will allow entrepreneur in the broadcast industry to have a cheaper investment in running their operations in terms of technology deployment. He added that the technology is the best for Africa because it is cost effective, scalable, simple to use, non proprietary equipment, and makes the cost of owning a television station cheaper.

Ash also stated that playbox technology offers a complete package that includes local training. He added that the technology is like a standard PC and a video server, among others which means that one can use a UPS system to power it in case of power failure. He reiterated that added that those behind the Playbox technology has always worked on the assumption that, the technology must offer and work on a whole product offering.

Okene, the Consulting Partner of LTMX, had earlier added that the technology offers TV stations as is the practice in Europe and America the ability to store their programmes for a set number of days.

He stressed that this will be most useful in case of dispute arising from content, transmitted programmes or news.

According to Okene, this will also be good in resolving disputes with advertising agencies and advertisers in the event of a station having to show proof of exposure beyond certificate of broadcast.

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