Sunday, June 16, 2024
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TikTok’s New LIVE Streaming Rules & Guidelines Explained

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TikTok LIVE is introducing new monetization guidelines and specific instructional programs aimed at fostering happy, real, and positive LIVE communities. According to these criteria, content that is not real or of poor quality cannot be made into money. Most authors currently abide by the guidelines, but those that don’t risk notification may lose access to revenue services.

The Community Guidelines and Terms of Service remain the cornerstone of TikTok’s content standards, ensuring adherence to ethical practices and user safety across all live content.

TiKTok LIVE Image exampleThese guidelines include restrictions on content that promotes violence, hate speech, or other harmful behavior. The educational tools provide tips on how to engage with viewers positively, foster a sense of community, and handle difficult situations that may arise during a livestream.

To provide new LIVE creators with improved support and a safe welcome, TikTok is also revising the onboarding process. For their work to become live, creators need to fulfill certain requirements and be at least eighteen. In stages, newly qualified creators will be granted access to advanced monetization tools so they can get familiar with LIVE’s guidelines as their following grows. TikTok is also upgrading the in-app LIVE Safety Education Center and introducing a new LIVE Safety Center resource to assist creators in identifying policy violations and gaining access to instructional materials.

In addition to technology, more than 40,000 people—including specialized teams and live detection models—work together to maintain platform security. In addition to a host of options that let viewers customize their LIVE video experience, TikTok provides over ten customizable safety solutions tailored particularly for LIVE creators.

Waseem Sayegh, Head of TikTok LIVE for the Middle East, Turkey, Africa, and Pakistan, stated: “We believe these updates will empower our LIVE community’s creativity while ensuring our features promote positive interactions. The vast majority of LIVE creators already follow our safety rules and Monetization Guidelines, and we’ll continue to build resources, moderation processes, and tools that help foster safe, inclusive, and authentic LIVE communities.”

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