Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Telkom’s Crucial Role in the 2024 National Elections

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As South Africa eagerly anticipates the upcoming 2024 National Elections, Telkom proudly reaffirms its crucial role in facilitating the seamless execution of this cornerstone of our democracy. Serving as the trusted ICT partner to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Telkom stands ready to enable yet another milestone in South Africa’s democratic journey.

Since our nation’s inaugural democratic elections in 1994, Telkom has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the IEC, facilitating six national elections and five municipal polls. As Mzansi commemorates 30 years since the first democratic elections, the proudly South African Telco’s commitment to excellence shines brighter than ever.

“This partnership with the IEC underscores Telkom’s unwavering dedication to advancing South Africa’s democratic processes through technology,” says Althon Beukes, CEO at Openserve. “Through our continued technological support, we aim to ensure that voting is efficient, results are tabulated reliably, and data remains safe and secure.”

Telkom will support 320 results-capturing sites nationwide, including 10 result centers, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as WiFi 6, Layer-3 networking, and high-speed fiber. This infrastructure aims to facilitate smooth electoral processes and uphold the integrity of the electoral system.

“Our network infrastructure ensures vital connectivity across all electoral sites, from headquarters to voting station,” adds Beukes. “We are committed to expanding our connectivity solutions, employing diverse mediums to ensure robust and reliable connectivity throughout the electoral network.”

In addition to providing connectivity, Telkom hosts the IEC website, offering essential electoral utilities such as online voting and voter registration. During the registration period, Telkom supported the IEC in registering over 2 million new voters, amplifying the voice of every South African.

“As the IEC establishes additional results-capturing sites and result centers, Telkom’s expansive national network is available to provide the necessary infrastructure and support,” emphasizes Beukes. “We leave no stone unturned in safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process, ensuring that every voice is heard and every vote counts.”

Telkom’s commitment to reliability extends to employing advanced security measures, including BCX’s VPN Supreme product and world-class firewalling, to safeguard data transmission and uphold the integrity of the electoral process.

On 29 May 2024, as millions of South Africans mark their ballot papers, they will also place their trust in Telkom, recognizing the telco’s commitment to enabling free and fair elections and safeguarding their most basic democratic right.

On this day, Telkom’s unparalleled pervasive network, spanning over 170,000km of fiber optic cables, 10 carrier-neutral data centers, and thousands of mobile towers, will connect communities nationwide, making Telkom’s infrastructural muscle a key but often hidden part of their daily lives.

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