Sunday, June 16, 2024
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State-of-the-Art CyberLab Inaugurated at Refilwe High School

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On May 17, 2024, World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD), at Refilwe Secondary School in Metsanangwana, Limpopo Province, the Telkom Foundation, in partnership with the Honourable Philly Mapulane, Deputy Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies, is proud to announce the opening of a cutting-edge cyber lab.

The purpose of the event is to increase public awareness of the transformative power of ICTs and their potential to reduce social divides. The subject of this year’s WTISD is “Digital Innovation for Sustainable Development,” emphasizing technology’s critical role in advancing socioeconomic growth.

Digital Innovation for Sustainable Development

The Cyber Lab, a pillar of the Connected Schools initiative of the Telkom Foundation, represents Telkom’s dedication to equipping young South Africans with critical ICT skills. Outfitted with state-of-the-art technology, the Cyber Lab seeks to revolutionize Refilwe Secondary School’s teaching program, equipping students and faculty to succeed in an increasingly digital environment.

“At Telkom, we believe that connectivity is the key to South Africa’s digital future. Through initiatives like the Telkom Foundation’s Connected Schools Program, we are actively bridging the digital divide and unlocking opportunities for young learners across the nation. The inauguration of the Cyber Lab at Refilwe Secondary School underscores our unwavering commitment to building a digitally inclusive society,” states Judy Vilakazi, Head of the Telkom Foundation.

Over 7,000 high school students and teachers in 21 schools in the Eastern Cape and Gauteng have benefited from the Connected Schools program since it began in 2017. By giving rural communities access to digital labs and providing all-encompassing academic support, the program equips the upcoming generation of South African leaders with the competencies required to thrive in the digital era.

Philly Mapulane, Deputy Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies, emphasizes, “Public-private partnerships play a pivotal role in ensuring that South Africa remains at the forefront of digital innovation. As we celebrate 30 years of democracy, initiatives like the Telkom Foundation’s Cyber Lab exemplify the collaborative efforts needed to create a future-ready South Africa. By investing in education and technology, we are laying the foundation for a prosperous and equitable society.”

Telkom Foundation is leading a project to improve connectivity at the school, including the computer lab, staffroom, and whole school with strategically placed WiFi access points. In addition, Telkom is providing necessary furniture to the school and ensuring smooth internet access with a dedicated 200Mbps microwave contract for 24 months.

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