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SA Elections 2024, Social Media, Polls, Final Countdown

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Vusi Melane
Vusi Melane
Staff Writer

Social Media

Social Media is a concern in South Africa’s NPE- National Provincial Elections 2024. This is according to the Director for MMA- Media Monitoring Africa, William Bird.

“It is important for the general public that uses social media to verify information that is posted on social media regarding the elections. They should do so instead of reposting the information without first verifying its authenticity. Otherwise, lack of verification can lead to misinformation.” he said


South Africa will hold its seventh democratic elections tomorrow- Wednesday, May 29th. Recent polling indicates that the ANC- African National Congress has gained momentum in the past weeks, following a dip in support ranging from 37-40% last month. However, the latest polls still indicate a significant decrease in support for the ruling party, the African National Congress- ANC compared to the 2019 national provincial election. The party is projected to secure 42-46% of the vote, potentially leading to the formation of either a coalition or minority government. If these poll projections hold true, it would signify a double-digit decline in the ANC’s vote share from the 57.5% garnered five years ago. Recounts Economist for HSBC South Africa and Sub- Saharan Africa, David Faulkner.

“In the late-April Ipsos poll, the turnout scenarios indicated the ANC winning 43-46% of the vote, the Democratic Alliance- DA securing 20-22%, the Economic Freedom Fighters- EFF with 10-11%, the MK Party- MK obtaining approximately 9%, and the Inkatha Freedom

Party- IFP garnering just over 3% of the vote. Other parties were projected to receive 11-13% of the vote. However, there remains significant uncertainty, with the daily tracking poll conducted by the SRF- Social Research Foundation displaying considerable volatility (Charts 3,4). In its most recent data, the SRF indicates ANC support at 43% under a 60% turnout scenario, DA support at 24%, MK Party at 12%, EFF at 10%, and other parties at around 11%.” says Faulkner


It’s only a few hours to go before all South African make their mark and decide who they want to govern South Africa. The voting stations open at 7am tomorrow morning- 29 May 2024 and close at 9m.

The elections occur as the country has experienced a two-month reprieve from power cuts, but there are indications that the economy contracted in 1Q24, with unemployment reaching 33% (see “Less growth, more power,” 22 May 2024).


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