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JSE Investment Challenge: April Winners Revealed

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The 51st annual JSE Investment Challenge, a premier financial literacy program that encourages investment skills among South Africa’s youth, has its April round winners announced.

An interactive online trading game called the JSE Investment Challenge was created to introduce university and high school students in South Africa to investing in the JSE. Through practical experience and insights into financial markets, this campaign offers participants financial literacy that becomes more approachable and captivating.

In the school’s monthly income portfolio category, Kingfisher Private School of Limpopo triumphed, ending Mpumelelo Secondary School’s two-year winning run. This triumph demonstrates the challenge’s significance in identifying and developing fresh talent by highlighting the game’s growing popularity, the rivalry among players, and their rising skill levels.

At the university level, the Gopaulsingh family continues to excel. Representing the University of Cape Town, Shreya Gopaulsingh and her teammate Bhisheka Devi Samachetty secured the monthly prize. Shreya expressed her excitement, stating, “Winning this month’s prize is a tremendous honor. It reflects our team’s hard work and strategic planning.”

The Gopaulsingh family’s long-term involvement in the challenge—from Nadean Gopaulsingh’s initial participation in 1987 to the recent successes of Shivar and Shreya—illustrates the enduring appeal and impact of the challenge on fostering a culture of informed investment across generations.

Ralph Speirs, CSI Officer at the JSE, emphasized, “The JSE Investment Challenge continues to inspire a new generation of investors, equipping them with the tools to navigate the complexities of the financial world. The participation of families like the Gopaulsinghs and the emergence of new talents such as the team from Kingfisher Private School demonstrate the challenge’s significant impact on fostering an investment-savvy culture among South African youth.”

Reflecting on the challenge, Shreya Gopaulsingh concluded, “I think this challenge is amazing for helping you understand finance. Today’s economy requires us to invest, so it’s important to be able to make sound financial investment decisions. The challenge is a great way to do that, as it’s a safety net or a little playground to make these decisions. It makes you feel safer about taking risks and understanding the potential consequences. We have the benefit of learning from whatever the outcome is in this virtual game before we take these risks in real life with our own money.”

The JSE congratulates all of the April round winners and anticipates the participants’ continued success and inventiveness in the upcoming weeks and months.

 The winners across all categories are:

Portfolio of School Income: Kingfisher Private School, Limpopoa

Paul Roos Gymnasium in the Western Cape is included in the Schools Equity Portfolio.

HoÑrskool Oosterlig, Gauteng: An Amazing Portfolio of Schools

Hillcrest Secondary School, Western Cape, EFT/ETN Portfolio of Schools

University of Cape Town, Western Cape, University Spectacular Portfolio

University EFT/ETN Portfolio: Wits University, Johannesburg

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