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Louise Steenekamp: Introducing the New Vice-Chair of the African SAP User Group

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The African SAP User Group (AFSUG) Board has unanimously appointed Louise Steenekamp as its new Vice-Chair, effective from 15th February 2024.

Having served on the AFSUG Board since January 2020, Steenekamp brings with her over two decades of extensive experience within the SAP ecosystem. Her expertise spans various aspects of SAP, including implementation, support, service management, sales, and SAP customer perspectives. Louise is renowned for her deep understanding of the SAP landscape, coupled with her strategic leadership and relentless drive for innovation.

She holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree in International Management, highlighting her commitment to excellence and continuous learning in technology and business management. Currently playing a key role in Aspen’s Global Digital Technology Enablement function, Steenekamp’s tenure at Aspen underscores her ability to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and achieve tangible results in complex organizational environments.

Duke Mathebula, Chairman of AFSUG, expressed excitement about Louise’s appointment, stating, “This is a significant milestone for AFSUG as we embark on the next phase of growth and transformation. In her new role, Louise will form part of the Board’s core leadership team and represent AFSUG at the global stage as an executive member of the SAP User Group Executive Network (SUGEN).”

“I am honored to be appointed as the Vice-Chair and am eager to contribute to its mission of empowering SAP users across Africa. I look forward to further collaborating with the AFSUG team and its members to drive innovation, facilitate learning, and create value-driven solutions that address the evolving needs of the SAP community,” said Louise Steenekamp.

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