Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Dell Empowers Modern Workplaces with AI Innovations

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Dell Technologies is poised to unveil the most expansive range of commercial AI laptops and mobile workstations, aimed at ushering organizations and employee productivity into the AI era.

Patrick Moorhead, the founder and CEO of Moor Insights & Strategy, remarked, “The next generation of PCs is emerging at a pivotal time – with upcoming refresh cycles and new capabilities on the PC creating the perfect storm.” He added, “Dell’s commercial AI PCs and workstations, coupled with its ecosystem of peripherals, software, and services, offer an AI continuum designed to enhance the user experience today and set organizations up for success in the future.”

AI PCs for hybrid work

The neural processing unit (NPU)–equipped AI PC is projected to surge from nearly 50 million units in 2024 to over 167 million in 2027, constituting nearly 60% of all PC shipments worldwide. The NPU introduces an AI acceleration engine capable of handling more dedicated AI tasks, thereby freeing up the CPU and GPU for other functions. This leads to a more responsive experience and enhances performance, security, battery life, and productivity.

Dell boasts of offering the world’s most intelligent, manageable, and secure commercial PCs. With a new lineup of Latitude laptops and Precision mobile workstations, Dell is set to provide customers with the widest array of commercial AI laptops and mobile workstations, spanning from entry-level to ultra-premium laptops and workstation options. For instance:

– Employees can collaborate more effectively, leveraging the benefits of the NPU to offload capabilities like auto-framing, background blur, and eye-tracking, coupled with the power efficiency of Intel Core Ultra processors. This combination offers workers up to 38% more battery life, translating to valuable working time during busy days filled with Zoom calls.

– Content creation becomes faster as AI processing is distributed across the CPU, GPU, and NPU. Users can generate AI images over five times faster with Stable Diffusion, a text-to-image model.

-Dell collaborates with CrowdStrike and Intel to offload security functions onto the device via the NPU, leading to comprehensive threat detection and swift identification of malicious sites and security vulnerabilities with reduced latency compared to cloud-based solutions.

– To facilitate workflow continuity, the portfolio features Windows 11 and a Copilot key, enabling faster access to everyday AI companions with the press of a key.

AI-powered, automated services

Dell Services introduces new capabilities to help customers:

– Maximize PC uptime and enhance productivity with new self-healing capabilities through the ProSupport Suite for PCs. Leveraging Dell’s Support Assist technology, customers can utilize telemetry and AI to resolve PC issues without human intervention. This allows IT to deploy Dell-authored scripts to autonomously rectify blue screen errors, thermal issues, and more across their entire PC fleet.

– Stay on track with PC fleet refreshes and budgets through Dell’s managed services. Dell offers detailed planning, forecasting, and supply chain management to enable timely, targeted multi-vendor device rollouts when customers need new AI devices.

– Adopt and optimize GenAI investments with Digital Employee Experience Services for Gen AI, providing employees with tools and technology tailored to their diverse roles.

Accelerating the circular economy

Dell addresses the full lifecycle of products, from increasing the use of recycled materials and minerals to making devices easier to repair and responsibly recycle. Key initiatives include:

– The new Latitude devices become the world’s first commercial PCs to utilize recycled cobalt in their batteries.

– Inspired by Concept Luna, the Latitude 7350 Detachable is the world’s most serviceable commercial detachable, featuring a serviceable display panel, making repairs easier and prolonging its lifespan.

– Dell recovery and recycling services assist organizations in properly retiring their IT equipment, diverting e-waste from landfills and keeping products and materials in circulation for longer.

Sam Burd, president of Client Solutions Group at Dell Technologies, emphasized, “Every company that wants to remain competitive will have to implement AI in some way, and AI PCs will be central to that.” He further noted, “From running complex AI workloads on workstations to using day-to-day AI-powered applications on laptops, the AI PC will be an important investment that pays dividends in productivity and paves the way to a smarter, more efficient future. Dell’s advantage starts with offering more AI PCs across the commercial portfolio from day one, giving customers the ability to start futureproofing for AI today.”

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