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Galaxy AI Launch Set to Propel Mobile Technology into a New Era

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One of the world’s most prominent smartphone makers, that rivals Apple’s iPhone – Samsung taps into artificial intelligence. The appliance and mobile technology company plans to leverage the technology to increase sales and keep up rapid transformations taking place in the digital world in the new year.

Samsung Electronics Co. recently announced the launch date of its next flagship device that will be on 17 January in a teaser with the message, “Galaxy AI is coming.” The device is poised to debut as Galaxy S24 series.

The launch of a AI mobile is set to radically transform and marks the shifting of mobile technology into a new digital era. This makes a future where Artificial Intelligence (AI) seamlessly integrates into our daily lives a tangible reality.

Samsung have been testing and exploring AI technology for several years and their aim is to integrate the modern technology with their devices.

Advancing AI Fundamentals

The rapid advancements are accompanied by fundamental challenges, such as integrating learning and perception with high-level knowledge, are being tackled to enhance efficiency with less data.

Their aim is to develop AI that intuitively interacts with users, understanding their goals and autonomously executing actions to simplify the complexity of modern devices.

Simulation technologies are also being explored by Samsung to rapidly test new AI and robotic advancements in real-world environments.

Language and Voice AI: Bridging the Human-Machine Gap

Samsung’s Language and Voice AI research focuses on developing technologies that enable devices to communicate with people on a human level.

Speech recognition, synthesis, language understanding, and conversation response technologies are being test to operate efficiently across all devices, at the edge, and on the cloud.

The goal is to enhance the user experience, making devices more user-centered and capable of understanding complex and diverse speech with minimal input.

Vision AI: Elevating Devices to AI Status

As Samsung devices increasingly incorporate cameras, the leap from smart devices to AI devices is facilitated by Vision AI.

The holistic vision pipeline, spanning from low-level camera and sensor processing to high-level visual recognition and reasoning, is designed to enhance visual understanding in various contexts.

Samsung envisions a collaborative approach where multiple devices work together seamlessly, offering an enhanced everyday experience.

Galaxy AI: Transforming Mobile Experiences

Samsung Galaxy, known for democratizing internet access and turning cameras into essential communication tools, is set to revolutionize mobile technology with AI.

Galaxy AI represents a comprehensive mobile AI experience, combining on-device AI developed by Samsung with cloud-based AI through collaborations with industry leaders. This integration promises to transform everyday mobile experiences with a focus on security, privacy, and openness.

AI Live Translate Call: Breaking Language Barriers

One of the exciting features that Galaxy AI introduces is the AI Live Translate Call. Users with the latest Galaxy AI phone will have a personal translator seamlessly integrated into the native call feature.

Real-time audio and text translations during conversations break down language barriers, making communication simpler and more accessible.

Importantly, as an on-device AI, privacy is assured, with private conversations staying on the user’s phone.

As the world eagerly awaits the launch of Galaxy AI, Samsung is poised to usher in a new era of mobile AI, where life truly opens up with the promise of enhanced connection, productivity, and creativity.


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