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4 Ways to Master Omnichannel in Fashion Retail

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Online fashion, is one of the most competitive domains out their. In fact, from looking at the statistics there is no surprise why. There is just such a high demand for fashion items. Online fashion sales are among the highest of any industry.

Recent data shows that 13 of the world’s top 20 D2C brands occupy the fashion and apparel space, with fashion accounting for 23% of total online retail sales in the U.S alone.

To date there are 32.55 million ecommerce users in SA with an additional 6.38 million users expected to be shopping online by 2024. The average spend per user shopping online is R1648.00. According to statistics it is predicted that 47% of offline shoppers will shift online within the next year.

Statista revealed that the global social commerce market alone is predicted to top $2.9 trillion by 2026.

The question is no longer, if online commerce will explode in South Africa, its how much will it grow and how fast? The expansion is imminent. The annual growth of South African ecommerce is between 20 – 35% This only further adds to fierce dynamic of the online retail space, placing an added demand on retailers to shift there focus to what is really important and that is optimization at every level.

Embracing all the elements of an omnichannel experience is what will set ecommerce retailers apart and as statistics show, will inevitably win conversions. It is a must for all online retailers looking to interweave the elements of a store front together with the online component.

What is the winning strategy? There is no one size fits all, physically and metaphorically speaking. But there are steps to follow that can assist in navigating through the process to achieve a desirable outcome. Here is a list of tips that can help you achieve omnichannel success:

Analyse Consumer Behaviour

Analysing the data from different devices that consumers use to search for products can help to curate a truly personalised journey that is tailored according to the specific habits and preferences of shoppers.

Observe Early Funnel Behaviour

Understanding what motivates shoppers to make a purchase in the early stages of the journey will help you to deliver the right messaging at the right time.

Implement the Latest Technology

Deep learning has become an effective and powerful AI tool to sharpen online advertising. It is the most powerful type of AI. It can analyse several touchpoints in real-time and quickly adapt to the emergence of highly dynamic situations and trends.

Using Hyper-Personalisation to Capitalise

According to ecommerce.co.za over 80% of consumers expect retailers to cater to their preferences, and 50% of all purchases are driven by personalisation. Deep learning can assist in this process and it goes hand in hand with content that should also be top quality. Visuals should always carry the brand message and can also be personalised to coincide with what shoppers would receive in-store.


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