Monday, February 26, 2024
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Startupbootcamp AfriTech is launching the OnAfrica Investment Syndicate, an innovative initiative led by Henry Ojuor, connecting startups to mentors providing operational help and capital.

The syndicate aims to support promising African startups with check sizes ranging from $100,000 to $400,000, fostering holistic growth through mentorship and operational excellence.

“In a concerted effort to ensure that startups within our network receive sustained and enduring value from mentors in our community, while also ensuring that mentors can capture some of the value they give to founders, we are thrilled to officially announce the inauguration of the OnAfrica Investment Syndicate, a groundbreaking venture facilitated by Startupbootcamp Afritech,” says Ojuor.

Supported by Jed NG and Scott Newall, the syndicate leverages Startupbootcamp AfriTech’s scouting network and alumni access, offering members premier deal flow opportunities in the African tech ecosystem.

“The OnAfrica Investment Syndicate is not merely a financial initiative; it represents a holistic approach to startup growth, says the trio. “Through strategic mentorship, hands-on guidance, and a commitment to operational excellence, the syndicate aims to empower startups within its network, propelling them towards sustained success.”


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