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Golden Visas Still Shine in Italy and Europe

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More and more people want to travel to countries with a high standard of living. You can visit them as part of an exciting tour, on business, or to live permanently.

The latter option mainly attracts those looking for suitable, favorable living conditions due to the deteriorating economy in third world countries.

Having social guarantees to live permanently in a new place would be best. You will certainly get them if you apply for the relevant status.

Where is the best place to live in Europe? According to Vladlena Baranova, an expert in Immigrant Invest, one of Italy’s most desirable options for clients. The main reasons include the excellent climate and high standard of living in this country.

You can also take part in exciting and promising Golden Visas programs. Such projects are primarily attractive and available for entrepreneurs who want to conduct profitable financial transactions

Overview of Golden Visa Programs in Italy and Europe

Famous for its beauty, attracting thousands of tourists, Italy is extremely popular among lovers of luxury living. An affordable service helps interested foreigners carry out all operations as quickly as possible to create a favorable climate for investing capital.

It is possible to achieve the cherished goal by buying real estate in such a country or investing financial resources in any promising industry.

You can always learn about the conditions of participation in such projects by familiarizing yourself with the rules in force in a particular country.

 Italy Golden Visa: Key Features and Benefits

You can always perform all the necessary procedures quickly and without unnecessary hassle by contacting a specialized agency to complete all the required paperwork correctly.

Specialists will constantly be in touch with you and will answer any questions.

You can always get the consultation and the necessary information about the advantages of italian golden visa.

Comparing European Golden Visa Programs

Attractive conditions for foreigners may differ in different parts of the European Union. You must be well aware of the rules for applicants and your capabilities to make the right decision. Conditions in different countries may significantly differ:

  • by cost of investment;
  • by direction of capital transfer;
  • on the terms of registration, etc.

Today, the countries with the most favorable rules for investors are Malta, Great Britain, Italy, Cyprus, France, and many others.

Foreigners wishing to participate in the Italy Golden Visa Program can invest in real estate, government bonds or directly into the state budget.

Investment Options Across Italy and Europe

According to Vladlena Baranova, a leading specialist of the Immigrant Invest agency, to enjoy all Italy golden visa benefits, a participant in the project must fulfill one of the following conditions:

  • purchase real estate in the country to which he wishes to move;
  • contribute to its investment fund, deposit money, or buy shares;
  • buy government bonds.

Any such action requires documentary support. In addition, some countries have their own unique conditions.

In Spain, for example, those wishing to apply can be associated with activities that involve the creation of new jobs for the local working population.

The Application Process for Golden Visas

You must first apply to obtain such authorizations. Only a person who has reached the age of majority may do this.

In addition, it is necessary to have no criminal record, other defamatory facts in the candidate’s biography, and the presence of an appropriate amount on his account.

The participant will also need to collect the necessary documentation. It is not always easy to do this, so it is better to contact a reliable agency, which will provide the necessary assistance at all stages of such a responsible process.

Upon completion of all movement procedures, you will have the right to reside permanently in Italy or another country of your choice.

Long-Term Benefits of European Golden Visas

Acquiring such a high status has many benefits. The most striking advantages of eu golden visas to the countries of the European Union include:

  1. Free entry to most developed countries of the world.
  2. Tax benefits, the ability to obtain health insurance.
  3. Permission to work in local companies.
  4. Opportunity to study.
  5. Accessibility of financial markets to make profitable contributions to the state economy, etc.
  6. Possibility to obtain all required rights and other pros quite quickly.

Any of the considered immigration programs allows participants to choose a suitable object for investment.

In addition, its terms and conditions provide flexible terms for drawing up and submitting documents.


Offers to permanently move to one of the European countries in exchange for investment are in high demand in different parts of the world.

Tourism lovers and those wishing to obtain all the benefits of citizenship in Italy or any other European country seek to acquire such rights.

Today, any investor capable of investing in real estate and other profitable assets has a unique opportunity to reside permanently in one of the developed European countries.

Recently, the requirements of the programs are constantly changing, so you should not miss your chance.

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