Bolstering Nigeria’s Digital Economy: AfriLabs’ Delegation Visits Nigerian House of Representatives

In a recent endeavor to enhance global collaborations, AfriLabs, the leading innovation-focused organization in Africa, embarked on a diplomatic mission. The delegation paid a courtesy visit to the Deputy Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives, Hon. Benjamin Kalu.

This strategic meeting aimed to delve into the future of the Nigerian innovation ecosystem and explore potential partnerships and support opportunities.

Diplomacy in Action: AfriLabs’ Engagement with Key Policymakers

As part of its ongoing initiatives to foster meaningful connections, AfriLabs has been actively engaging with key policymakers and stakeholders across Africa.

The meeting with Deputy Speaker Kalu is a testament to AfriLabs’ commitment to building strong relationships and influencing policies that shape the innovation landscape.

Deputy Speaker’s Appreciation

During the meeting, Deputy Speaker Kalu expressed his gratitude for AfriLabs and its member hubs. Drawing from his recent participation in the AfriLabs Annual Gathering in Kigali, where he delivered a keynote address, he highlighted the organization’s pivotal role in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the continent.

 “NASS Eyes” App for Budget Tracking

An intriguing revelation during the meeting was Deputy Speaker Kalu’s announcement of the imminent launch of the “NASS Eyes” application.

This innovative app is designed to track budget transparency and execution by government Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs), showcasing a proactive approach to governance through technology.

Deputy Speaker’s Policy Initiatives

Deputy Speaker Kalu reiterated his office’s commitment to implementing supportive policies and regulations within Nigeria’s tech sector.

He emphasized the potential for exponential growth and innovation within the country’s digital economy, provided that the right tools and government policies are put into action.

Building a Thriving Innovation Economy

AfriLabs’ Executive Director, Anna Ekeledo, led the delegation and expressed gratitude for the Deputy Speaker’s unwavering support. She acknowledged his pivotal role in advancing AfriLabs’ vision to build a thriving innovation economy across Africa.

Policy Advocacy: AfriLabs’ Pledge to Play a Greater Role

Anna Ekeledo emphasized AfriLabs’ dedication to playing a more substantial role in shaping policy within the Nigerian innovation arena. She conveyed the organization’s eagerness to engage in discussions on policies related to female financial inclusion and facilitate stakeholder dialogues to address pertinent issues.

Multilateral Support and Capacity Building: AfriLabs’ Global Impact

Anna apprised the Deputy Speaker of AfriLabs’ significant role in extending multilateral support systems and capacity-building initiatives across the African hemisphere. She highlighted the organization’s proactive engagement in collaborative programs with international organizations and multilateral development finance institutions.

A Promising Partnership: Accelerating Africa’s Digital Economy

The meeting between AfriLabs and Deputy Speaker Kalu holds the promise of accelerating Africa’s digital economy. By contributing to technological innovation and economic growth in Nigeria, this partnership signifies a step towards realizing the immense potential within the continent’s innovation landscape.