Friday, July 12, 2024
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Key Government Officials Set to Join the Digital Government Africa Summit

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Digital Government Africa stands as the official ministerial pan-African summit, in perfect alignment with the ongoing implementation of national electronic government plans across the continent. This concerted effort underscores the commitment of African countries to establish robust digital government infrastructures, fostering improved business environments and more efficient public service delivery.

Africa is experiencing an accelerated wave of Digital Transformation, with 19 of the world’s fastest-growing economies nestled within its borders. The internet economy in Africa is forecasted to burgeon to a staggering $180 billion by 2025, constituting approximately 5.2% of the entire continent’s GDP, as corroborated by the International Finance Corporation.

Policymakers across the continent have harnessed this momentum to ensure that the process of e-government and digitalization is all-encompassing, leaving no individual or community behind. This commitment is manifest in the formulation of national digital government strategies, coupled with the establishment of legislative frameworks addressing cybersecurity, data protection, and e-participation.

The year 2023 heralds Digital Government Africa as the premier digital pan-African summit, unique in its design that prioritizes pre-scheduled meetings, uniting government representatives with industry magnates.

The Government of Zambia is hosting this pivotal forum, bringing together industry solution providers, technology trailblazers, and esteemed government officials. Spearheading this initiative are the Office of the President, represented by the SMART Zambia Institute, in conjunction with the Ministries of Home Affairs & Internal Security, Technology & Science. Together, they extend invitations to their ministerial counterparts hailing from diverse corners of the African continent with 20 country representatives already confirmed participation.

Presently, the stage is set for government decision-makers to convene with vanguards from the technology and industry sectors deeply entrenched in the digital realm.

The Government of Zambia is at the helm of this endeavor, in partnership with AfricanBrains, the visionary orchestrators behind Africa’s foremost ICT-centric education event – Innovation Africa. This summit serves as the ultimate nexus for forging connections and conducting business at the epicenter of Africa’s ongoing digital transformation journey.

The outcomes of these crucial government-to-industry meetings are expected to shape the agenda for digital government infrastructure, electronic services, digital identity, online taxation, and information systems security in many African countries. To find out more about DGA23, please visit

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