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Cellular Data Connectivity Types in Africa

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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We are all allowed to dream.

When it comes to the deployment of M2M & IoT devices at scale, this dream involves a global data SIM that is easy to activate, has real-time spend management, low data costs and always-on connectivity.

Unfortunately, this dream never quite ends the way it was supposed to. Deploying cellular data connected devices in South Africa and the rest of Africa is a process that sometimes feels more art than science.

So Many Options

There are many options when it comes to IoT SIMs as well as management platforms. Unmanaged post-paid contracts, private APNs, managed APNs, business prepaid & global roaming SIMs are all options to consider.

And then there are further options around SIM management tools. Each of these options – and the various commercial offerings within each type – have its own pros and cons. Compounding this decision is the fact that SIMs often don’t perform like on the brochure. A magic SIM that is cheap, flexible, low-risk with IoT-grade reliability in every country simply doesn’t exist.

Weighing Up the Pros and Cons

When deciding on which SIM option is best suited to a specific deployment, several factors must be taken into account. These include your specific use case, risk appetite, data cost, bill-shock risk, network reliability, security, technical requirements such as IP management and data routing, as well as the level of flexibility needed and appetite for the long-term financial commitment.

Get Independent Advice

Deciding between various local SIM options or different roaming options becomes tricky. Being network and SIM type agnostic, SIMcontrol offers the widest range of SIM types for connected device deployments in South Africa, the rest of Africa and many regions across the world.

Flickswitch, with their SIMcontrol service, has over the last 10 years helping companies to choose the best SIM management option for their particular deployment in South Africa as well as several other African and global deployments.

Being able to offer managed APN, managed prepaid, managed contract and global roaming SIM options means they can offer credible advice to best help companies avoid SIM management becoming a bad dream.

Learn more about how SIMcontrol enables reliable enterprise mobile connectivity. Speak to a consultant today.

By Staff Writer.

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