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Street Fighter 6 Announced by Capcom – Check Out Ryu’s New Look

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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A new challenger in the legendary Street Fighter series of fighting games has just been announced by Japanese developer and publisher Capcom. The latest entry – Street Fighter 6 – is the sixth mainline game in the series and the next episode in a long, storied history that began with the release of Street Fighter to arcades across the globe in 1987.

The highly anticipated announcement came after Capcom’s Pro Tour fighting game exhibition stream. After a countdown elapsed at the end of the stream, the new teaser trailer for Street Fighter 6 (SF6) played. This latest announcement coincides with the series’ 35th anniversary.

Watch the new trailer below:

A New Look?

The trailer, a 40-second-long teaser, shows off Capcom’s new art direction with SF6. Each of the modern, 3D Street Fighter games since Street Fighter IV (released in 2008) have been designed with a specific aesthetic in mind. It looks like with this latest outing Capcom is continuing its move away from a more cartoonish art style and doubling down with the near-realistic presentation that started with Street Fighter V.

In the trailer, we see main character and series mascot Ryu sporting his alternate Street Fighter V costume – the bearded vagabond look. Ryu seems larger than ever before and his rippling muscles are primed for no-reason-needed urban fisticuffs. He is soon joined in his dark brooding by Luke, a relatively new character to the series making his debut in the previous title. The two square up before the teaser ends as Ryu and Luke are engulfed in Street Fighter IV ink and Street Fighter V colour, respectively. Perhaps hinting that the new game will carry some of the mechanics and aesthetics of the previous two releases.

While some on social media are maligning the new realistic art style (which may simply be used for the cinematic trailer and not actual gameplay) and the new e-sporty logo which does away with the Roman Numeral used since the ’80s, the announcement has definitely caused a buzz amongst fighting game fans.

Returning Classics

During the stream, Capcom also announced the Capcom Fighting Collection, an anthology of 10 classic titles including the full Darkstalkers series. The Capcom Fighting Collection will be released on June 24, 2022, for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox One.

According to IGN, more info about the Street Fighter 6 will be divulged by Capcom in the Winter (Summer in the Northern Hemisphere).

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