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8 Exciting Video Marketing Trends For 2022

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Videos will continue to be one of the top content strategies in 2022, just as they were in 2021. It is essential to understand that video marketing trends change, so it is important to be up-to-date.

In addition to communicating with customers and promoting their brands, companies utilise this form of content to generate numerous business leads. It is a must-have in your content strategy to create marketing videos, as they are cost-effective, easier to produce and do a great deal of advertising for any brand.

8 Exciting Video Marketing Trends For 2022

  1. Shoppable Video

Videos with shoppable hotspots allow viewers to learn more about your products and services by clicking on them and purchasing them immediately. As a result, your customers don’t have to leave your page to convert but can do it all simultaneously, simplifying the buying process. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Content purchased through your website is growing in popularity because it makes it easy for your customers. You will gain valuable audience insights and sell more as a result. Video content will develop and become more popular among consumers over the coming years, so do not ignore it!

  1. User-Generated Video

The most performing aspect of video marketing seems to be user-generated content (UGC). Over 85% of consumers say they find UGC more credible and trustworthy than branded content, and 68% find it more appealing and authentic. It makes sense because it is a more personal touch and tailored.

Videos like these help build customer trust and influence purchase decisions. It is merely a matter of finding brand advocates, which should be effortless with the right approach.

You can facilitate collaboration with the right incentives for your customers to create content on their social networks, which you can then reshare for a wider reach.

  1. Interactive Video

Interactive Videos are like traditional videos, but they’re much more engaging. Interactive videos allow the audience to engage in a story more interactively. Viewers can change the ending of interactive videos or instruct what to do next by interacting with the video. With interactive videos, viewers are no longer relegated to passive viewing but are also part of the experience.

  1. Search Optimised Videos

Creating good videos has little to do with the type as much as the fact that you want Google to be able to find them. There is no escape from search engine optimization, even for video marketing. With search engine algorithms becoming more sophisticated, you need to ensure you stay up-to-date and adjust your company to the changes by strategically optimising your online content.

An effective video SEO strategy goes beyond adding keywords to the title and description. It would be best to use keywords related to your industry and specific video topic in your title, file name, and video description tags. In addition to adding subtitles to your videos, you can increase your chances of being ranked highly on search engine results pages. Your website will rank higher and be more visible for search engines if you provide Google with better, more accurate, more descriptive information.

Make sure to spend some time checking out Google’s resources on how to secure video content structures. To ensure as many people see your videos as possible, you must make them correctly.

  1. Behind The Scenes Videos

Display the work and effort into your business to give your clients an inside look at your brand. Creating interest in your brand will result in increased sales. Using a  video editor, you can make some real videos.

Show them how your software works, what it looks like to work in your office, and how your products are made to help them better understand where and how your products are made. Consider including employees in the videos and other events and critical facts that strengthen your relationship with your clients.

  1. Live Stream Videos

Video live-streams have surged since the pandemic has made in-person events impractical and put an end to in-person experiences. As a powerful tool for connecting with consumers, they have become a powerful communication method. It has also led to a different way of thinking about streaming content.

A wide range of industries use live video to communicate with their audiences and promote their brands. Live video viewers watch them for three times longer than recorded video viewers, and live content generates six times more interactions than a recorded video.

By embracing live video during these times, brands can build engagement and gain a competitive advantage.

  1. Silent Captioned Videos

In today’s mobile-first world, people watch videos on the go, which has changed user behaviour tremendously. Marketers today create videos without sound to avoid having to include sound. Brands can get the help of online video editors to make these videos.

Therefore, you must optimise your videos for silent viewing if you want people to watch them. You can easily keep people interested in your videos by adding captions to them. Advertisements with captions are watched on average for 12% longer than advertisements without captions.

  1. Optimise For Different Channels

Your video content needs to be optimised for different channels to ensure the highest possible engagement rate. You can influence its engagement for different audiences by varying the type, size, and format.

You should find details such as sound, range of orientations, whether or not it’s shoppable, other interactive elements, etc. Planning these out for each channel separately is crucial to get the best results.

You can often save a lot of time and effort by using an online video editor instead of doing the job yourself.




By 2022, video marketing will be the most significant marketing trend, bar none. From major corporations to small businesses and everyone in between, the video will sweep through almost every form of advertising, then take over as the most in-demand promotional tool there is. While we can only venture mere guesses as to what trends there will be and how these trends might affect video marketing, we have a few educated ones that we can share with you today. Transitioning to video is an investment. It takes time, money, and even a little creativity to find a way to make it work for your business, but if you can do that, then you’ll be able to reap the benefits in 2022.

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