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An AI-Powered Camera App is Helping the Taxi Industry Fight COVID-19

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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Quickloc8, a technology start-up company, is making AI a reality for the taxi industry.

The company is partnering with local taxi owners and associations in South Africa, by providing practical and innovative solutions to modernise the industry by allowing it to be a safer, more reliable and competitive transport option.

The innovative camera app was created solely for the taxi sector and will enable taxi operators to bring their businesses up to speed in the modern era of 4IR while ensuring passengers adhere to COVID-19 regulations.

With AI now firmly in the driving seat, the app, which is linked to an AI-embedded camera installed in a taxi can change how the industry is currently operating in the face of the ongoing pandemic.

Taxis Adhere to COVID-19 Regulations

When government regulations on the COVID-19 pandemic changed, the taxi industry had to be quick to respond.

In the light of the seriousness of the pandemic, the safety of passengers was the most critical consideration, not only from a road safety perspective but more importantly, looking at how passengers are contracting the virus from one another within the close confines of the taxi interior.

A key driver for the initiative is the ability to ensure that drivers are within the confines of the relevant government guidelines in ensuring taxi passengers wear masks. This is especially critical in view of the fact that taxi owners could lose their operating licences due to non-compliance with the law.

Mbavhalelo Mabogo, founder and CEO of Quickloc8.

How Quickloc8 Works

Installing an AI-embedded camera in the vehicle, and linking it to the Quickloc8 app, enables the owner to ensure their drivers and passengers are not flouting the rules. A visual algorithm in the camera analyses passenger compliance in real-time.

The information can be stored in the cloud and utilised should any discrepancies arise from a law enforcement official, or even the competition making allegations of non-compliance to current COVID-19 protocols.

Linked into this AI-embedded camera is real-time GPS location tracking. This allows taxi owners to know exactly where their vehicles are at any given time. Crucially, these owners also receive notification of when their drivers’ shift starts and ends.

They can also track exactly how many trips have been made between the designated taxi ranks. Taxi owners, through the app, will also be able to ensure that a driver cannot drive the respective vehicle without permission.

“Continually improving and updating the software is key and this is achieved through the company utilising AI, machine learning and visual algorithms. This app was designed especially with the taxi industry in mind,” says Mbavhalelo Mabogo, founder and CEO of Quickloc8, says:

“The intention is to empower taxi operators so they can improve transparency and accountability within the taxi industry. It also equips them with the right tools in engaging with government to improve the industry as a whole.”

The Quickloc8 AI-camera app includes digitised taxi routes along with a revenue calculation feature, so taxi owners know exactly how much revenue is generated per trip and shift.

Quickloc8 showcases AI’s potential to completely change how the taxi industry operates in ensuring the safety of passengers, especially in the current situation of the third wave of the pandemic.

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