Whitepaper: Top 4 Things You Need in a Virtualization Management Solution

For any size data center, having a proper management solution is critical for ensuring an orderly, smooth-running, and problem-free environment. Without one, your data center can quickly turn into a wild jungle with servers growing out of control, having no regard for discipline or limits.

A data center should be like a well-run city with all parts communicating and interacting with each other. The mayor of that city should know about everything that happens within it, so they can make the right decisions to help ensure that everything keeps working as intended. It shouldn’t be like a group of isolated villages that never speak to each other and have no idea what everyone else is doing. Having visibility into all aspects of your server environment is critical, but the amount of information that is monitored can easily be overwhelming, and not knowing how to interpret the information can make dealing with it difficult. Therefore, you need a management solution that can highlight the important information for you and provide you with dashboards to make interpreting the information as easy as possible.

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