Scaling New Heights: Scalefusion MDM Launches Infinity Partner Program

Driving global sales and amplifying revenue by exploring uncharted territories is always a great business idea, especially when driven by strategic partnerships. Scalefusion, a leading Mobile device management solution by ProMobi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. recently launched the Scalefusion Infinity Partner Program on the same lines. The partnership program is designed for OEMs, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Resellers, Distributors, System Integrators & Technology Solution providers across the globe, helping them leverage the market-leading MDM capabilities of Scalefusion. 

What comes as the first-ever rollout of a formal partner program by Scalefusion, the program is crafted to empower the Scalefusion partners across diverse industry spectrum and geographies to tap into new revenue streams. Partners can expand their portfolio and offer value propositions to the end-user market with Scalefusion’s solutions. 

Scalefusion is a globally recognized mobile device management solution that extends MDM capabilities across diverse operating systems such as Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10. By partnering with Scalefusion under the Scalefusion Infinity Partner Program, partners can bundle their services and solutions with Scalefusion’s Mobile Device and Endpoint Management solutions. 

Scalefusion’s strong market presence and the easy-to-sell solution itself is a great lead magnet. The highlights of the partner program by Scalefusion are a strong partner-focussed Strategy inclusive of training, marketing and sales assistance and competitive commissions. 

The partner program is available in multiple tiers- silver, gold and platinum. Needless to say, each tier comes with its own set of benefits and margins.  

“We are elated to launch our first-ever partner program- the Scalefusion Infinity Partner Program. We firmly believe that with a thoroughly designed partner program, organizations across the globe who join hands with us will benefit in multiple ways”, commented Mr Chandan R N, Head of Sales at ProMobi Technologies.

The team at Scalefusion Infinity Partner Program follows a very comprehensive process to assess potential partners, making sure that every partnership is mutually lucrative for Scalefusion and the partner. 

To join the elite club of Scalefusion partners, you can explore the details of the partner program or get started by filling out the application form here.

About Scalefusion

Ambitious companies around the world trust Scalefusion to secure and manage endpoints including smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, POS, and digital signages. Our mission is to make Device Management simple and effortless along with providing world-class customer support. Scalefusion currently has a global customer base of more than 6000 customers and its HQ is located in Pune, India. Scalefusion has offices across Hyderabad and Delhi in India, along with global offices in Mexico and Canada. 

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