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Revolutionizing Mobile Handset Financing and Leasing with NuovoPay

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Mobile technology has seen a massive explosion of innovation both in terms of hardware and software, leading to the increased accessibility of the latest tech to humans across diverse geographies and industries.

The mobile-first approach has touched the lives of everyone across the demographic elevating the need to have the ‘best from the rest’ smartphones and mobile handsets for the tech-savvy community. 

Moreso, the inclusion of mobile technology and the precedence given to mobile-based working in modern workspaces has led to the heightened urge to upgrade to the latest model of the mobile handsets. Clearly, the total upfront costs of acquiring the latest mobile handsets or upgrading them every six months or a year is huge, and not feasible always, especially for organizations procuring the devices on the behalf of their employees. 

The solution to this dilemma lies in device leasing, a model that consumers from several developed countries have already adopted for a long time. For consumers, device leasing opens up the possibility to upgrade to the latest version or to switch to a new favorite device with ease. For telecom carriers, device OEMs, and finance companies, the predicament for the device leasing model to penetrate in the developing countries or economies where there is no centralized system is understandable. Ensuring the underlying payments against these leased devices is the real challenge. And however viable the device leasing model sounds, ensuring the device cost, streamlining the EMI payment process and reacquiring the devices when the payment is missed is cumbersome and quite practically unfathomable. Especially for geographically distributed leasing, physically recovering devices is challenging. 

This is where NuovoPay– an avant-garde solution for handset financing and leasing comes to the rescue. NuovoPay walks into the market with its industry-proven mobile locking technology that powers device financing and leasing, eliminating the need for physical recovery agents and complex credit score systems to be linked to the same. NuovoPay seamlessly bridges the gap between the device users looking to obtain lease devices and the device financing companies, telecom carriers and leasing companies. 

NuovoPay’s non-intrusive client software sits on Android devices, triggering payment reminders, payment alerts and updates without impacting the end-user experience. In case of non-payment for a leased device, the device can be locked via the NuovoPay console blocking the user’s access to the device. The user can reassess their device after completing the payment and the NuovoPay console can be used to unlock with all the user data and settings intact.  

Think remote recovery agents for your leased devices! 

NuovoPay serves as the most cost-effective solution to protect leased mobile handsets, opening up new possibilities of enabling HaaS (hardware as a service). What sets it apart from the conventional modes of device recovery is that this ‘recovery’ or device blocking is virtual and contactless, a key consideration in the times we are living in. 

Also, in the conventional context of device recovery, the user effectively loses all rights over the device and the data whereas, with NuovoPay, this complete extraction is temporarily put on hold, giving the end-user a window to complete the pending payments and have the device ready to use as is. This is unique and can come incredibly handy to increase technology accessibility globally. 

In the era of telecommuting, remote working and Industry 4.0, there is no way consumers can shy away from having the most up-to-date mobile tech handy. NuovoPay makes it a cakewalk by demystifying mobile handset financing and leasing.

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