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Four reasons why SA app developers should integrate their apps with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS)

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Jenna Delport
Jenna Delport
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Since the launch of HUAWEI AppGallery, Huawei’s app store, in 2019 Huawei has been focused on assisting app developers. Huawei’s approach has always been to ensure that consumers get the best of both local and global apps on their devices, which means that it places great importance on making sure that SA developers get all they need from Huawei to develop and integrate their apps with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). 

Here are four reasons why SA app developers should integrate their apps with HMS:

  • Developers have access to global markets

By integrating apps to HMS, developers have more exposure to Huawei’s device base, increasing the number of consumers who have access to their apps via HUAWEI AppGallery. Over 490 million people in 170 countries are monthly active users of Huawei mobile devices.

  • Developers can design specifically for Huawei devices

Developers who integrate their apps with the HMS kits can use the full capabilities of Huawei’s unprecedented device hardware. Huawei now provides developers with software that is specifically designed for Huawei devices.

  • Developers have access to free local and international marketing

AppGallery has driven 11M New Downloads in South Africa for all partners in H1 – 2020.

Global registered developers: 98% ↑

Currently 1.8million Global registered developers

Apps integrated with HMS Core: 123%↑YoY Growth

261 Billion app distributions – Total from Jan. 2020 to Aug. 2020

  • Developers can earn income from their apps

Ads engine (HUAWEI Ads) enables developers to better monetize global traffic, which can be integrated into their apps. With these advertisement kits, developers can earn an additional income by including ads into their apps. 3,100+ overseas apps have Integrated HUAWEI Ads.

As a brand committed to assisting app developers, Huawei is now running two new competitions, which will be running until 30 November. 

  • Upload your app onto HUAWEI AppGallery and win Huawei Cloud vouchers

To enter this competition, all you need to do is register as a Huawei developer on HUAWEI AppGallery, Huawei’s app store. Once you have signed up, you will receive a Huawei Cloud voucher. This voucher is worth $200 for individual developers, or $600 for enterprise developers.

If you upload your app APK onto HUAWEI AppGallery and publish it, you will receive an additional $4,000  in Huawei Cloud vouchers per app.

Integrate HMS into your app and win cash prizes

Huawei is running a separate competition where developers are rewarded for integrating HMS Core and HMS Capabilities into their apps. First prize is worth R120,000 in cash, while second and third place winners will be awarded R60,000 in cash each.

This competition is scored as follows:

  • App popularity (30%): The app with most downloads in other app markets will score a full 30%. Apps with fewer than 10,000 downloads will score 0%. For scores in between, the following formula is used: (App downloads – 10,000) / (Max app downloads in the competition – 10,000) * 30%
  • HMS Core integration (50%): 10% is awarded for each integrated HMS kit (total score cannot exceed 50%)
  • HMS Special Kit integration (20%): Integrate any HMS special Kit (Security Capability, HiAI, Camera Kit, Health Kit, Video Kit, Audio Kit, AR Engine, Image Kit, Accelerate Kit, Scene Kit, Computer Graphics Kit, hQUIC Kit) and score 20%.

The top 20 South African apps based on this scoring method will win the following prizes:

  • Platinum Award – 1st place
    • R120,000 cash
  • Golden Award – 2nd and 3rd place
    • R60,000 cash
  • Silver Award – 4th – 10th place
    • R50,000 cash
  • Bronze Award – 11th – 20th place
    • R30,000 cash

To register as a Huawei developer and become eligible to enter these competitions, click here.

To learn more about this competition, send an email to southafricabd@huawei.com

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