Cell C Faces Potential Job Cuts

Image sourced from Town Press

South African network provider, Cell C says that it’s reevaluating some of the jobs at executive and management level – this process could deem certain positions redundant and ultimately result in job cuts.

“In early March 2020, Cell C initiated a consultation process in terms of section 189A (2) of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995, specifically at a senior manager and executive level, and advised employees of the possibility of redundancy of certain positions and contemplated retrenchments,” says Cell C to My Broadband.

The telecoms provider then went on to say that the process is still underway and it’s not yet sure how many positions will be cut.

“The company has not taken any final decisions with regard to the contemplated retrenchments and is currently in the consultation process with affected employees to obtain their input and reach joint consensus, under the facilitation of the CCMA.”

Cell C CEO Douglas Craigie Stevenson, who has been instrumental in the company’s turnaround strategy, says “You can’t forget where Cell C was. As a business, it was hopelessly inefficient. At one stage we had probably around 2,900 staff. You compare that to Vodacom and MTN, and it does not make any sense.”

Craigie Stevenson says that as part of Cell C’s recapitalisation, staff will undergo an up-skilling and cross-skilling process.

“I can’t definitely say we won’t lose jobs, but I can tell you we will do a lot to make sure we cross-skill and up-skill our existing staff – especially the technical divisions,” he adds.

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