Waze includes Navigation-Related COVID-19 Info on App

Image sourced from Waze

Global navigation app, Waze is including COVID-19 related information across it maps in an attempt to make navigating essential trips – like visiting grocery stores, pharmacies or hospitals – during the pandemic a little easier for users.

“As soon as the COVID-19 outbreak began spreading around the world, we activated our community and network of partners across our Volunteer Communities, Waze for Cities programmes, and more to support crisis response,” says the company in a blog post.

“Through the collaborative work of our community and public agencies, COVID-19-related information and critical locations have been added to the map, making it even easier for drivers to navigate their essential journeys.”

The GPS app – which typically displays user-generated information around traffic, road conditions and roadblocks – will now feature emergency distribution and testing locations for users who are in need of essential services.

“We’re inviting all public agencies to share information through our COVID-19 landing page. This site allows local governments to get the information residents need around road closures, food distribution centres, medical testing centres and more, onto our map.”

It will also display drive-thru and curb-side pickup locations so that users can choose stores that require minimal human interaction or contact. This feature aims to limit the potential risk users face in contracting the contagious virus.

“With Location Personalities, businesses can use unique badges to clearly show that they offer alternate pick-up options, while drivers can easily search, filter, and navigate to these locations and remain compliant with social distancing guidelines.”

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