Safaricom Customers Use 1GB of Data Per Month on Average

Sourced from CGTN.

With the release of Safaricom’s 2019/2020 FY results, there are new details about the massive telecom’s userbase and revenue.

Service revenue grew by +4.8% year on year to $2.3-billion (KES 251.2-billion) from the $2.2-billion (KES 239.8-billion) recorded revenue of the previous financial year.

The profile for the service’s revenue reveals that the majority of the profits were attributed to outgoing voice calls, about 34.5%, and the use of M-PESA, 33.6%. Mobile data racked up an impressive 16.2% of the profits.

Tech Weez marks that this is another financial year that mobile data has registered significant growth at +12.1% year on year in Kenya, up to $379-million (KES 40.67-billion).

Active Users

In terms of active users, the full-year results – analysed up to 31 March 2020, report that the carrier has 28.6-million one-month active users. This represents a +9.5% growth from the previous financial year. Out of that number, 22.0 million are active one-month mobile data users, a growth from 20.5 million recorded in HY 2019/2020.


In terms of data use, more than 9-million customers use more than 100 MB of data per month. However, the average Safaricom user will rack up as much as 1 GB of data per month.

“Growth in mobile data was driven by increased smartphone penetration and usage and a 28.3% reduction in effective rate per MB. The launch of the ‘For You’ structure in October 2019 enhanced affordability and gave customers more control and worry-free experience when using mobile data,” says Safaricom in a press statement.

Safaricom says that are 6.1-million active 4G devices accessing its network, not even close to the enormous amount of active SIM cards (54.5-million) registered across all of Kenya between all the country’s telecoms. With Safaricom’s continued growth, however, it could soon see its active 4G devices begin to reach such lofty heights.

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