Leaked Code Unveils New Features for iOS 14

Sourced from BGR

Improved mouse cursor support, gesture controls and a new home screen layout are coming to iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, via My Broadband.

This is according to a piece of iOS code that was leaked. 9to5Mac says that the next version of Apple’s iPhone operating system will offer newer, more intuitive ways to interact with installed software and to find applications.

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Reportedly, iOS 14 will also include a dedicated home page which will show all the installed applications on your device in the form of a list. This page will also feature sorting and filtering tools, as well as Siri-powered smart suggestions. These will offer you quick access to applications based on your pre-recorded behaviours of application usage. This means that Siri will offer you applications for ease of access depending on your history and the time of day.

Do you usually wake up and go on Twitter? Twitter will be offered it to you at 5 am, or 6 am or whatever time you usually awaken.

Along with this dedicated page, iOS 14 will also include new gesture controls, such as tapping with two fingers to right-click. Another new gesture will be a “track” that allows users to switch instantly between applications.

A new mouse pointer feature will also be included in the new operating system on iPad – this is to allow a more Mac-like experience.

Most of the new gestures are designed to be used with the two new Smart Keyboard models that were referenced in the code. Findings in the code imply that the keyboards are a standard laptop-like design with keyboard above and large trackpad below.

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