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Review: Acer Swift 7

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Review: Acer Swift 7
The Swift 7 features an impressively thin frame with touchscreen capabilities.

The Acer Swift is a lightweight powerhouse. It is so thin and light to carry that sometimes handling the device might cause a little panic. According to Acer, the device measure 9.95 mm, weighs 890g and has a 92 per cent screen-to-body ratio. It’s easy to carry around with you in almost any backpack, bag and even some purses.

Aesthetically, the Swift 7 is not something you can write home about, but an impressive feature is that the hinge is hidden on the Swift 7 that you will not notice it unless you flip it upside down to actually look for it. The Swift 7 features a magnesium and lithium body, which has been reinforced to provide additional strength to reduce the amount of flex on the unit.

On the left, the laptop houses two USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 ports-In the box, Acer includes a dongle that adds a USB-A port and HDMI-while on the right there is a headphone jack slot. The device has a fingerprint scanner embedded into the power button, located just to the left of the keyboard. The device also features a DisplayPort 1.2 port as well as WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity.

The webcam is placed awkwardly just above the keyboard which also has a weird layout. It is very easy to click on the delete key when you intended to click on backspace because these keys are crammed so close next to one another. Apart from the little issues, typing on the keyboard is a breeze once you get used to it.

The trackpad makes it hard to manoeuvre at first because it is wider than normal pads but does take some getting used to.

Swift 7’s screen is impressive. It’s a large, 14-inch panel with the tiniest of bezels above and on the sides. It has 1080p resolution, which is plenty sharp at this size, and is rich and vibrant with good viewing angles.

The bezels have been reduced around edges which offers a larger viewing area and gives the device the ultimate premium look. The screen is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 6 with touchscreen capabilities.

Underneath the laptop are two small speakers, which sound about as good as you might expect them to. They are thin and squawky, and don’t provide much volume, not to mention any bass. You’ll definitely want to use a set of headphones more often than not.

The review unit we used was 8GB of RAM, it uses a fanless 8th Gen Core i7 processor and boasts 512GB NVMe SSD. As a result, the unit is still very usable for daily tasks and more.

The Swift 7 has an average battery life, hitting just under six hours between charges in my real-world usage tests. The lightweight device makes carrying around in a backpack or shoulder bag a great experience. The slim frame and minimal bezel on the screen adds to the appeal of the device. The Swift 7 is unbelievably thin and feathery, the weight and size make it undoubtedly impressive. Depending on where you buy it the Swift 7 will cost you around R24 000 to R34 0000.

By Fundisiwe Maseko
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