Mercer South Africa appoints new CEO

August 2, 2019 • People, Southern Africa

Tamara Parker has been appointed as the new CEO of Mercer South Africa.

Tamara Parker has been appointed as the new CEO of Mercer South Africa.

On 1 August 2019 Mercer, a global consulting company in the field of health advancements, careers and health, announced the appointment of Tamara Parker as CEO, South Africa.

“Tamara brings a wealth of consulting experience and has established herself as a Human Capital Strategist. We are excited to welcome her to our team, and I’m very confident that she will not only be able to provide insight and strategic direction which Mercer needs to grow, but also be a great resource at a time when technological disruption is rapidly changing the future of work in Africa,” said Peter Botha, Zone Leader, IMETA.

Parker, in this new role, will be tasked with overseeing the expansion of Mercer’s business in South Africa in order to drive and improve profitability and consistent growth. In addition to this, she will lead local initiatives in order to continue to build and expand Mercer’s brand and reputation as a “leader and trusted advisor.” This will include the important and strategic partnership with Alexander Forbes, according to Mercer.

Prior to her new role at Mercer, Parker served as the Human Capital Strategy Executive at a company in the energy sector. Her past experience includes roles at the executive and management levels, where she engaged with clients in both the public and private sectors. Parker also held a position at Accenture, where she led organisational experts of global, regional and country leads across varied functions, which included: client relationship management, sales, proposal and bid presentation, human capital solutions, business processes and strategy management. Parker is considered to be a highly-regarded HR professional and holds an undergraduate degree in Social Science and an MBA from the University of Cape Town.

“I am very pleased to be joining Mercer at an exciting time in the company’s development,” Tamara said. “This is a great opportunity to help our clients navigate a dynamically changing environment. Our strategy will be to build on our existing asset base by providing health, wealth and career solutions to our clients across the continent, primarily in South Africa,” Parker said about her new role. Her career spans a period of 25 years and, according to Mercer, Parker brings invaluable knowledge and leadership experience in order to build a secure and fruitful future for Mercer and its clients.

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