How will 5G benefit South Africa?

August 5, 2019 • Online & Social, Southern Africa

How will 5G benefit South Africa?

Dr. Mohammed Madkour, VP for Wireless Networks Marketing & Solutions at Huawei.

Huawei hosted the first ICT Editors Xchange where the company unpacked some of the transformative technologies like 5G, Cloud and AI to boost productivity and innovation capabilities and its impact on the country.

Hosted at the Founders Factory Africa, in Johannesburg, the event was an opportunity for ICT experts and industry analysts, to share their thoughts on South Africa’s move towards digitisation and how step changes like 5G connectivity will benefit society.

Dr Mohammed Madkour, VP for Wireless Networks Marketing & Solutions at Huawei said that countries should never lose sight of the overarching purpose of progress during the rollout of 5G.

“We should not pursue technology simply for brand-building or marketing reasons,” he said. “Technology innovations offer people the hope of a better life, more efficient businesses and a prosperous economy.”

“The confluence of cloud, AI and 5G technology will enable quantum leaps in the efficiency of industry, the prosperity of economies and the quality of life,” he said. “We just need to ensure that this takes place within an open, integrated and inclusive ecosystem,” he said.

According to Madkour, 5G, AI and the Cloud are tools that could transform our society.

During his presentation, Farouk Osman Latib, from Huawei Cloud Africa described the cloud as a runway, and AI, the Internet of Things and 5G as the engines that would enable society to take flight. “Key to helping us reach our destination was for our people to be equipped with the relevant skills,” he said.

“We are now in an era where connectivity is a basic need,” he continued. “Connecting to the cloud is becoming essential, because the cloud will be the enabler of all future digital technology,” he said.

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