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Trump announces potential lift on Huawei ban following G20 summit

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Jenna Delport
Jenna Delport
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Trump announces potential lift on Huawei ban following G20 summit
Trump announces potential lift on Huawei ban following G20 summit.

The G20 summit wrapped up on Saturday, 29 June 2019, in Osaka, Japan. The annual summit covered topics ranging from climate change and global economic stability to — rather unsurprisingly —  the on-going trade-wars between the US and China. 

This comes after US president, Donald Trump, just seven weeks ago, claimed that Huawei is a threat to American national security. Trump then went on to sign an executive order allowing his government to any block trade between the US and a foreign organisation deemed as a threat — i.e. Huawei. 

However, in a statement made this week by Trump, the trade talks between America and China are ‘right back on track’. He adds, “We will be continuing to negotiate. And I promised that, for at least the time being, we are not going to be lifting tariffs on China. We’re going to work with China on where we left off to see if we can make a deal”. 

Trump then went on to say that Chinese President, Xi Jinping, had given his word to buy ‘tremendous’ amounts of US agricultural products in exchange. “We’re going to give them a list of things we’d like them to buy,” says Trump.

“US companies can sell their equipment to Huawei,” adds the American President, indicating that US companies will once again be allowed to trade with Huawei, although there’s been no word on exactly when or how that will happen. 

“As for President Trump’s comments that some restrictions on Huawei will be removed, we will, of course, welcome this if those words are put into action,” says Chinese diplomat, Wang Xiaolong.

While this sounds like great news for Huawei, Trump made no attempt to disclose exactly when or how a lift of the ban will be implemented. Nor did he indicate any intention of ceasing to lobby against the Chinese tech company. 

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