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Global Payroll Week 2019: Forging ahead with technology in the HR and Payroll industry

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Global Payroll Week 2019: Forging ahead with technology in the HR and Payroll industry
Sandra Crous, MD of PaySpace.

From the 29th of April until the 4th of May 2019, the Payroll industry has recommitted itself to increasing the global payroll professional’s skill level through education, training and networking opportunities. The 2nd annual Global Payroll Week, the brainchild of the Global Payroll Management Institute, coincides with the celebration of International Workers’ Day (1 May) and is a celebration of labourers around the globe.

Sometimes, the payroll and HR functions of a business appear to most as a silent hum running in the background, a well-oiled machine ensuring operational efficiency, employee wellbeing, and legislative compliance simultaneously.

They are functions that have existed since the very first informal businesses were established. If we look a little deeper – which is what Global Payroll Week is all about – it’s clear that Payroll & HR play an indispensable role in the business.

“Payroll and HR should align with the company’s strategy, and if focussed around developing and retaining talent, it can lead to boosted productivity company-wide. A cloud-based HCM solution empowers Payroll and HR teams to fulfil their critical role as a part of an organisation’s overall strategic vision,” according to Sandra Crous, PaySpace’s newly appointed MD. “Salary costs could be the largest portion of a business’s running costs, so it’s no exaggeration to say that if managed properly, Payroll and HR software could be a company’s best investment ever. Technologies like cloud and machine learning are set to turn HR on its head as companies of all sizes fight to improve efficiencies and capture bigger markets. Our goal is to match existing HR proficiency with technology that will future-proof Payroll and HR departments for the digital age.”

With new technology comes the need for acquiring skills to benefit from your investment. The advantage of Cloud technology such as PaySpace’s software offering is vastly improved if the user has in-depth product knowledge. With Payroll specialists trained in the software, the speed and cost-cuttings of technology are matched with an agile new approach to running an HR office.

“Empowering our clients to make full use of the software is always top-of-mind at PaySpace. Payroll and HR experts are the glue of any office. If businesses don’t invest in them, their use of the software cannot be optimised and the business’s return on investment might fall short of their expectations,” says Annalie Kok, PaySpace’s Education and Development Head. “In Global Payroll Week, we aim to make clients aware of the intensive training we offer for effective use of our software, from basic functionality courses on day-to-day processing on the system to more advanced features that allow companies to configure their parameters to suit them perfectly. When our clients are upskilled and able to achieve measurable time and cost savings through the use of our software, that’s when real ROI happens”.

“In order to use technology to your advantage, and to adapt to the behavioural changes of today’s workplace, Payroll and HR experts can at times feel they do not know where to start. Adopting a culture of lifelong learning in your organisation will empower Payroll and HR managers to experiment, learn and share insights, adding to existing skills and better preparing a business to stay ahead of the curve in competitive times” adds Crous.

Edited by Fundisiwe Maseko
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