IOTFA2019 helps leaders stay on top of IoT trends

IOTFA2019 day 1 drives conversation on IoT adaptation

IOTFA2019 day 1 drives conversation on IoT adaptation

By the year 2020, it is estimated that there will be up to 21billion connected devices globally, and the Internet of Things is set to change the trajectory of how businesses are run. Currently, organizations are at different staged of their IoT journey and many of them get caught up in the hype of the futuristic value that IoT can potentially deliver.

On March 26, the Internet of Things Forum Africa (IOTFA2019) kicked off day 1 of the conference at the Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The gathering was attended by hundreds of Africa’s tech heavyweights in the form of leading IoT experts, business leaders and solution providers who gave insights and discussions on the technological trends within the IoT sphere.

Deputy Minister of Communications, Ms Pinky Kekana gave an opening keynote addressing the need to be prepared for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“With the fourth industrial revolution in our global midst, and on our minds every day, we have no choice but to look at how humans and machines will co-exist for the benefit of humanity. In South Africa, we are looking at what this means for our citizens both in the metros and in rural areas,” she said.

Under the theme of “Driving Performance, Growth and Profitability”, the conference lead conversation on driving innovation through IoT, understanding the African IoT ecosystem and key challenges facing IoT adoption in Africa.

“The world’s technology infrastructure will support about a trillion devices, if not more, big and small, and for both personal and business use. Whether that is a smart home, with technological intelligence built into our house structures, alarm clocks synced with calendar, traffic, and weather apps, or heating and cooling devices synced with external temperature sensors, or lighting and coffee machines synced with motion detectors, so that lights come on only when we need it, and it is linked to cost structures, or the impact on waste management patterns from food in our fridges or on the side of the road, or the impact on transport,” she stated.

“I believe that together, business and government can achieve a positive lived experience of IoT, for all South Africans. I would like South Africans to be some of the first in the world to experience daily life the IoT-way, she concluded.

Day 1 comprised of a panel of renowned speakers including; SqwidNET MD, Phathizwe Malinga, TransUnion CEO, Lee Naik, Rudeon Snell, Leonardo Leader for SAP Africa, Richard Barry, CEO at Polymorph and Johanna Juselius, Senior Advisor, EU Affairs, Helsinki-Uusimaa Region just to mention a few.

The event will commence on Wednesday, March 27 and will continue the discussion surrounding the hype of the futuristic value that IoT can potentially deliver.

By Neo Sesinye
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