Nigeria: Digital Bridge Institute calls for major investment in ICT skills

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Nigeria: Digital Bridge Institute calls for major investment in ICT skills
Nigeria: Digital Bridge Institute calls for major investment in ICT skills. (Image source:

The Administrator of Digital Bridge Institute, Dr Ike Adinde has called for significant investment in skills of the workforce to make them key drivers of the economy.

Dr Adinde said the laboratory, worth $1 million, was donated by Huawei Technologies Nigeria Limited. He says investing in skills of the workforce of a nation is crucial, especially in an increasingly globalised world.

In May 2018, Dr Adinde called for more investment by governments at all levels in the development of ICT knowledge and skill.

Dr Adinde said that there is an urgent need to train and make skilled human resources available to the industry in order to serve as key drivers of the economy.

“It is in response to these challenges that the DBI has built this ultra-modern Lab to train and equip Nigerians with relevant ICT skills for the 21st century to tackle challenges presented by the 4th industrial revolution, which requires tailor-made solutions that keep pace with the ever-evolving telecom industry.”

Dr Adinde said the lab project was started in July 2018 with the donation of a complement of modern telecom equipment by Huawei Technologies to DBI.

Dr Adinde stated that the lab was equipped with transmission equipment and ultra-modern next-Generation Core Network Switching Centre that gives a complete end-to-end telecoms scenario.

He said: “One major benefit of the equipment is that it uses real-world industrial quality components to help students become better prepared for what they will encounter on the job.

“The lab is equally effective for technicians, engineers, field workers and anyone needing further understanding and skills in wireless telecommunications.”

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