Spotify “Car View” makes jamming out safer while you drive

January 18, 2019 • Online & Social, Top Stories

Spotify "Car View" makes jamming out safer while you drive

Spotify “Car View” makes jamming out safer while you drive

Spotify has been testing a “Driving Mode” since 2017. Now it is making this feature more widely available as “Car View” to make navigating through your music while driving easier and safer.

Spotify has already been integrated into navigational apps like Google Maps, Waze, and Android Auto, but Car View is accessed directly in the Spotify app.

Car View changes the interface while you’re driving to make controlling your music easier. It does so by removing the album art and making the song names bigger. The artist, media controls, and the two Like and Shuffle buttons are also enlarged to make navigation simpler. So far though, the only other functionalities that are available to users are skip tracks, play/pause, and favourite tracks.

The mode can be manually turned on or off in the settings menu. It also automatically switches to Car View when you connect your phone to your car’s Bluetooth. It can also be dismissed “until your next drive” or turned off completely until further notice.

Car View will be rolling out to Spotify users – on Android first – from the 17th of January, but it is still unknown how wide the rollout will be and some users might only get the feature in later updates.

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