Apple aims to offer a subscription service for gaming

January 31, 2019 • Gadgets and Gaming

Apple aims to offer a subscription service for gaming

Apple is rumoured to be planning a subscription service for games.

Still in the early stages of development, users will pay a monthly subscription fee to get access to a library of gaming titles. Something akin to a Netflix of games, the service will likely be tailored to an individual’s tastes while also being curated according to trends and analytics.

Gene Munster, an Apple analyst and investing partner at Loup Ventures, told Cheddar that the market for gaming and subscription services is a “big enough market to move the needle for Apple”.

There is also talk of Apple partnering with developers as a publisher, a sign that the company might be looking to assume rights to distribution, marketing, and other related costs for games chosen for this platform.

It’s still too early to really tell what the service will be like. As such, it is not clear what this subscription will cost or what kinds of games will even be on offer.

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