2019 iPhones could be jumping on the USB-C bandwagon

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2019 iPhones could be jumping on the USB-C bandwagon

According to a new report from supply chain blog Macotakara, Apple could be in the process of developing a revised iPod touch.

Further, the report says the 2019 iPhone might make the jump to USB-C, just like the 2018 iPad Pros.
Additionally, the very brief blog post stated that “the next iPhone might also “employ a USB-C connector,” though the final design has not yet been confirmed.

Some may find it surprising that at this stage of the game that Apple is still selling the 2015 iPod touch, considering the average smartphone’s ability to house impressive libraries of tunes; not even the nano or shuffle are still in production.

This limits the Apple-branded options of younger users who may not yet be allowed to own a smart device to have a music player.

Considering that the latest iPad Pros have made the shift to USB-C, it’s not too far-fetched to presume that the next iPhones could join the fad as well, and since the iPod Touch is still on the market, it’s about due for a refresh.

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