Will new iPad Pro models be revealed soon?

October 11, 2018 • Gadgets and Gaming, Top Stories

Apple is widely expected to hold an event this month to introduce new 2018 iPad Pro models,

Apple is widely expected to hold an event this month to introduce new 2018 iPad Pro models,

Apple is expected to roll out an event in October set to launch the 2018 iPad Pro models, new MacBooks, and probably more.

According to sources familiar with the development of the new 2018 iPad Pro have offered additional details about the device, its features, and more.

Tech aficionados are speculating that an Apple event is on its way sometime over the next couple weeks based on what they have spotted within iOS 12.1 beta. The operating system’s code allegedly exposes a bit of what is to come; 9to5Mac’s sources have located what appear to be the model codes for the 2018 iPad Pros, suggesting that there will be two sizes of both a Wi-Fi model and LTE model.

The sources also found information outlining what may come in regards to screen displays: as expected, the iPads appear to be set to follow the edge-to-edge trend. They will have neither a home button much like the iPhone XS nor a notch in sight for the first time, and the bezels will be thinner than those on any previous model. Also like the newest iPhones, there will be a Face ID function that works in portrait and landscape orientations and is set up similarly to that of the iPhone X.

Each model is set to have a USB-C port and be able to output 4K HDR video which can be altered with a new panel in the settings. Users will be able to control the resolution, HDR, and brightness to get the video presentation just right.

Naturally, we expect a new smart Keyboard to accompany the new iPads, but the only information we have about those or any other accessories is that they will attach via a new Magnetic Connector.

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