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LG’s new Watch W7 features mechanical hands with smart functions

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LG's new Watch W7 features mechanical hands with smart functions
LG’s new Watch W7 features mechanical hands with smart functions

The first hybrid smartwatch by LG is on the way; the Watch W7 features both the classic appeal of a mechanical analog watch and the digital connectivity of a smart device but some users who have already had the watch around their wrist are suggesting there’s room for improvement.

As a secondary announcement to the unveiling of the V40 Thinq smartphone, LG presented the Watch W7. With a traditional analog dial accompanied by a digital display, this smartwatch is the first wearable device by LG to run Wear OS, a version of the Google Android operating system modified for wearable tech like a smartwatch.

In partnership with Soprod SA of Switzerland, the companies developed this stainless-steel watch that can run for two days on a single charge — six hours more than the new Apple Watch Series 4 and then an additional three-four days when used in the analog-only mode. If used as a traditional watch with absolutely no smart features enabled, it can go chargeless for more than three months.

These mechanical hands aren’t your average hands, though, and can do much more than just tell time. They can display an altimeter, barometer, stopwatch, timer, and even a compass. If you don’t like the background, it’s easy to change it to basically whatever you like thanks to the Wear OS. It’s also designed to be compatible with all 22mm watch bands.

One of the most frequent complaints about the watch among users who have been testing the device is that the massive LED display at 1.2 inches doesn’t suit everyone; Chris Velazco of Engadget mentioned that, “It looked relatively nice strapped to my wrist, but the W7 looked absolutely massive on someone’s else just to my left. If you have very thin arms, you can basically write this thing off right now.”

But if you don’t mind having a hefty device on your wrist so long as it performs, you’re still limited to fairly basic functionalities. Despite the trend for watches with fitness-tracking capacities, this one does not include any such features. Velazco hypothesized that that may be due to the reduced space available for tech inside the body because of the analog hands. Nevertheless, if you’re hiking and get lost in the woods, this watch would be a nifty one to have at your disposal.

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