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Black Mirror is getting an interactive episode on Netflix

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Black Mirror is getting an interactive episode on Netflix
Black Mirror is getting an interactive episode on Netflix

Netflix is looking to turn acclaimed sci-fi series, Black Mirror, into a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure kind of experience.

The first interactive episode arrived on the service a little over a year ago in the form of Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale, where viewers could shape their own narrative experiences by choosing from more than a dozen decisions. This new way of watching your favourite show adds an element of exploration to the normal rewatching experience because branching paths lead to different outcomes.

This kind of content started off as an experiment with childrens’ shows, such as the aforementioned example and another title called Buddy Thunderstruck. Audience reception from these experiments shows a definitive interest in complicated interactive storytelling where the audience is in charge of the outcome.

The interactive Black Mirror episode will be the first interactive show specifically designed for adult viewers. Bloomberg reports that two of the projects are adaptations of video games, but that’s not to say that Netflix will start releasing video games. Instead, the company will just be looking at projects with much more complex scripts, bigger production, and trickier dealmaking, but that could all be worth it if audiences respond well to a more dynamic TV watching experience.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Netflix expects to release the first of these projects before the end of this year, likely in December when the fifth season of the series is set to premiere.

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