MacOS Mojave hits digital shelves

The new macOS Mojave brings Dark Mode to its users.
The new macOS Mojave brings Dark Mode to its users.
The new macOS Mojave brings Dark Mode to its users.
The new macOS Mojave brings Dark Mode to its users.

The newest version of the MacOS has officially landed.

After much anticipation, Apple recently unveiled the 15th main version of MacOS, Mojave which according to Apple – designed to make using your Mac smoother and more comfortable than ever.

At the recent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference keynote in June, Apple outlined some highlights. The new Mojave night mode is designed,to help reduce eye strain for night owls who prefer to get work done in the dark.

Apple will also revamp its MacOS App Store with a refreshed design, and the company promised that some iOS apps will be available on the Mac for the first time with Mojave.

These include popular apps from the iPhone, like News, Home, and Voice Memos. The Home app will allow Mac users to control their smart home setup from the Mac.

Other features include enhancements to the Finder, desktop stacks, dynamic desktops, Quick Actions, and an easier way to mark-up screenshots.

Finder has been enhanced with a Gallery View accompanied by a metadata-displaying Preview Pane to make scrolling through all your content easier and more efficient.

Also, within the Preview Pane are Quick Actions that allow for quick addition of password protection to your files.

Lastly, Quick Look lets you display and edit images in ways previously not possible. You can even trim audio and video clips with the new feature.

Instead of having to press three buttons miraculously at the same time, Mojave equips users with a Screenshot utility that even allows for screenshots to be stored somewhere besides the desktop.

The new Continuity Camera seamlessly connects the Mac to the iPhone; pictures taken with the phone can be directly uploaded onto the computer simply by selecting “Import From” in whichever app you need to add the image or video.

Meanwhile, the upgraded Mac App Store features a new Discover tab to make finding new apps or apps that meet specific needs easier.

As for Safari, it has been updated with the user’s privacy in mind. For example, Intelligent Tracking Prevention “helps prevent social media ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ buttons and comment widgets from tracking users without permission.” It even simplifies your system information while you’re online to keep companies from tracking your unique data ‘fingerprint.’

Aimed at the avid day and night internet user, this generation of macOS was designed to make the Mac interface experience more attractive and user friendly, and by adding safer browsing features at a time when privacy issues are on the mind of many, Apple may gain more users’ trust.

MacOS Mojave is officially available as a free software update for Macs introduced in mid-2012 or later, plus 2010 and 2012 Mac Pro models with recommended Metal-capable graphics cards.

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