Friday, April 12, 2024
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SmartICT, has announced an automated monitoring service for Cisco infrastructure

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New Automated Performance Monitoring For Cisco Infra From SmartICT
New automated performance monitoring For Cisco Infra From SmartICT

Whilst data is the currency of the future, it is common cause that too much data can create inefficiencies and serious bottlenecks in performance monitoring.

Local IT and business monitoring service, SmartICT, has announced an automated monitoring service for Cisco infrastructure as an addition to its offering, which specifically allows incident automation and actions on Cisco network devices.

“Whether customers have ten or ten thousand Cisco devices, it’s important to quickly see how they are performing,” says AppCentrix COO, Tito Pereira. “By adding Cisco automations to our single view service, SmartICT, we can monitor the health, performance, and configuration of all Cisco technologies whether hosted or on-premises. This adds to our offering of a unified operational view of the entire IT estate with SmartICT —across networks, compute, storage, and clouds.”

Appcentrix SmartICT is a service that leverages data capturing technologies to understand causation and derive insights from big data. It optimizes operations and provides business with insights and content to enable digital and business transformation across the organisation. SmartICT has been deployed in private, public and hybrid cloud solutions across 45 datacentres and 6000 sites, with a local helpdesk and global support via our extensive partner network.

“Research shows that companies spend around one and a half hours creating, populating and verifying each incident, and a further 45 minutes closing out on incidents when resolved. That’s regardless of the time to resolve the actual issue. By offering a proactive, automated service, we can bring major time and cost savings, as well as reduced downtime and meantime to repair. The automated process also eliminates any risk of human error and frees up technical resources to attend to more complex issues,” adds Pereira.

According to Pereira, SmartICT’s value proposition lies in its broad spectrum of capability: – the speed at which coverage can be gained and the ability to convert large volumes of technical performance metrics into meaningful business intelligence that empowers the business to make intuitive decisions.

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