Critical features for your best CMMS

Critical Features for Your Best CMMS
Critical Features for your best CMMS

Critical Features for Your Best CMMS
Critical Features for your best CMMS

It’s your duty as a maintenance planner or maintenance manager to ensure facilities, equipment and facilities are adequately maintained. Where there’s a lot of machinery and equipment, keeping track of this information can be extremely challenging.

Having a Best CMMS will help you ensure your needs are met. It allows you to identify potential problems and work on them before they arise. It also makes it easier to keep a record of all your maintenance activities and expenses.

In this article, we’ll look at the essential features that your Best CMMS should have. Take a look.

1. A Task Template


The system should allow you to create a task template for the most repetitive jobs. Such may include an inspection of your HVAC systems and quarterly inspection on your pumps and so on.

The template will help you save time you need to recreate these working orders. All you need to do is, have a discussion with your technician, and make arrangements on how the exercise will be done.

Schedule Maintenance Tasks in Different Ways

• It’s imperative to have a schedule of maintenance for every plant or machinery in your firm. The program may be regarding months or weeks.

• You’ll also need to create work orders for any unplanned repairs and maintenances. At times you may need to schedule a work order due to an alarm condition or change in your meter readings.

The maintenance schedule tasks help plan the maintenance activities that are due in weeks or months into the future. With this, it becomes almost impossible for your team to undertake any maintenance tasks. In the end, the possibility of breakdowns is significantly reduced.
Secondly, you can use this schedule to work with other departments in your firm to make sure that the exercise doesn’t stall their operations.

Being able to plan and coordinate your maintenance activities should be one of the reasons why you buy Best CMMS software.

2. Ability to Collect Feedback

If you have a team of technicians, who move around, appraising their tasks may be a challenge. But not anymore. The software will help you a big deal appraise your technicians. All you need is to generate work orders and send them to your technicians. The CMMS software helps you save on time and cost. You don’t need to waste time or money to check the equipment that requires maintenance.

3. Ability to Offer a Maintenance Backlog

Can your maintenance system software track the projects that are pending, and the ones that are due? In generating many work orders in a day, there’s the possibility that some work orders will be left out.

At times, the orders may also be delayed because you don’t have the materials needed or you’re short of technicians. The CMMS software you choose should allow you to track the maintenance backlogs as well as the work in progress.

Remember, missing your maintenance appointments is not healthy for your equipment. It increases their risks for the breakdown. This means loss of production time and operation hours. This can negatively affect your enterprise.

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