Westcon-Comstor launches online learning programme

December 1, 2017 • Cloud Computing, Education, Online & Social, Southern Africa, Sponsored, Top Stories

Westcon-Comstor launches online learning programme

Westcon-Comstor launches online learning programme (image: E-learning Industry)

On Friday 1 December 2017, Westcon-Comstor announced the launch of Velocity, an on-demand, online education programme designed to empower partner sales teams with the right mix of industry-trusted sales coaching, accelerated vendor-solution training and targeted Westcon-Comstor programme and systems guidance. Velocity complements the distributor’s expansive expertise across a wide range of vendor certification and instructional courses offered via live and self-paced e-learning programmes. Initial courses will focus on cloud programming with plans to expand into other technology areas in 2018.

Although a global programme, Velocity was first piloted and rolled out in South Africa as the umbrella e-learning platform the company uses for partner and channel enablement. Westcon-Comstor’s Azure Road to Inspire programme is included as a curriculum in Velocity and provides partners access to structured training to support certification and skills development.

“Online learning is ideal,” said Ryan Wade, Sales Manager at Turrito / Dial a Nerd. “Our sales force can access the specific learning tools they need, according to their schedule.”

“With an entire menu of online learning choices, Velocity can help our sales force become subject matter experts in their chosen field, equipping them with the knowledge they need to close targeted deals,” added Wade. “It’s smart to start with cloud programming because there’s growing adoption of this technology, but it’s even better to know the program’s expanding into other areas because it’s important for us to have a comprehensive solution offering.”

Targeted Learning for Busy Executives
Westcon-Comstor’s on-line learning programme is targeted toward reseller sales and business teams. The first set of courses are designed to accelerate partners’ sales motion for cloud, it ensures that the right content is presented at the right time in the selling cycle.

“Today’s solution providers are hungry for cloud training that’s specific to their business models and transformation objectives,” said Joan Spindel, chief go-to-market strategist at Westcon-Comstor. “We’re making it easier for them to know and apply the right content relevant to every stage of their selling cycles. Such self-paced online learning also enables refresh at any given time, which is particularly important considering the breadth and depth of what we cover.”

Rapid Content Development and Customisation
With extensive on-line learning opportunities, Velocity enables both global and regional teams to gain a deeper knowledge of emerging technologies as they come to market. With the added ability to monitor, measure and assess e-learning tools, Westcon-Comstor can refine Velocity offerings to maximise their impact and effectiveness. Course offerings include vendor- and technology-specific courses, Westcon-Comstor courses and CompTIA webinars.

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