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Simplifying the management of on-premise cloud services

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Simplifying the management of on-premise cloud services
Simplifying the management of on-premise cloud services.

One of the more complex issues related to server management – particularly for those organisations that host their servers on premise – is the need for a full-time system administrator, who is able to maintain the servers, who knows the operational commands and can effectively speak its ‘language’.

The idea is to provide customers with something that is easy to operate, that requires just a standard login and password for access, and delivers a simple, basic menu that makes it easy for virtually any employee to perform the tasks usually associated with a system administrator.

These include things like stopping or starting the server, making backups or even creating new clients. In addition, the user is able to access the corporate contract, and can thus add more subscriptions or cancel some, as required. In effect, it not only makes the administration of the server simple, it also provides the client with the flexibility to more effectively manage their own service and contract.

A good example of how the portal works can be seen with the increasing number of employees choosing to work remotely in today’s world. This, in turn, means there is a growing need to create remote clients that they can work from. The portal is designed to make achieving this as simple as accessing the MyStandard page and directly downloading the new client. No more waiting for approvals or for assistance – just a few simple clicks is all that is required to get a remote employee instantly up and running.

Of course, while the focus is on ease of use, the customer is still able to regulate who has access to the portal and what functions they can perform. Security is always a priority, and just because anyone can use the portal, it doesn’t mean they should.

The benefits for customers of being able to manage their on-premise servers with such ease are multiple. For one thing, it reduces the maintenance and consultancy costs that are usually affiliated with such a process. Furthermore, it helps to streamline system administration processes and allows for more effective management of the contract, as requirements can be quickly changed to suit, new clients can be added as required and modules that are not being used can easily be cancelled.

The benefits of the portal are also applicable to organisations of all sizes. It makes the maintenance and operation of the server easier for SMEs and provides tangible cost benefits to medium size businesses.

Thanks to continuous adaptation and improvement and the addition of further features in the future, the portal will assist customers to achieve even better streamlining and automating of processes as we move forward.

By: Maricelle Boshoff, Operations Manager at HansaWorld South Africa

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