Top 5 reasons why Africans prefer Android devices

Top 5 reasons why Africans like Android devices
Top 5 reasons why Africans like Android devices

Top 5 reasons why Africans like Android devices
Top 5 reasons why Africans like Android devices

With Apple launching their new range of devices earlier this week it has brought up the age old debate, iOS or Android?

It is a decision that is often made out of preference and once the decision has been made there is seemingly little chance of that person moving over to the other side.

Yes, both operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages which cover a wide spectrum of aspects such as price to user friendliness. Android has the clear advantage in the debate in that many of the latest devices work on an Android operating system, such as Samsung, Huawei, Nokia and Sony where as iOS is solely for Apple devices.

This is a debate that will probably stand the test of time and never really come to a formal conclusion. Looking at the debate from an African perspective, it is impossible to deny that some of the features that the Android operating system offers simply appeal more to a market that values usability over exclusivity.

With this debate in mind, Jumia Travel has compiled a list of 5 reasons why Africans like Android devices:

1) It’s affordable
Buying an Android device is unlikely to create a devastating dent in your bank account. With the new iPhone X expecting to retail at $1000 it is clear that the affordability of android devices remains a determining factor in making it an attractive option for many Africans. With varieties of devices, designs and specs, Android devices really have something to suit every budget range.

2) It allows customisation
Another feature which is very popular with fans of Android devices is the fact that it allows customisation. Unlike most Apple devices, Android devices let you choose any level of customisation you want and this flexibility is what really appeals to most smartphone users. Any smartphone users tend to want to explore the limits of their devices, and they typically like having the ability to freely customise and play around with features and design of their phones. Android devices also allow for increased flexibility when it comes to file sharing and synchronisation across devices of different brands. For example, Android devices allow for Bluetooth sharing where as iOS devices do not.

3) It allows For multi-tasking
Some might argue that iOS devices also allow multi-tasking, but what they cannot deny is that the level of multi-tasking that iOS devices support, does not come anywhere near the level of multi-tasking some Android phones offer. Samsung phones are a good example of Android phones that have great multi-tasking features. This is one area that Apple is more or less playing catch-up to Android devices.

4) Its seamless integration with Google’s services
Android devices integrate seamlessly with Google’s varieties of services, this is an extremely important factor considering the influence and power that Google holds over the internet. Apple and iOS can’t seem to keep up in this area, and have had to yield to accommodating more Google services on their platform. Unfortunately, the seamless integration enjoyed between Android devices and Google services is not replicated in the integration of iOS and Google services.

5) There are Widgets!
With widgets, you can ‘see all the information you need at a glance’ without having to open an app. Widgets are a major advantage Android devices have over iOS devices, even with Apple’s recent launch of widgets on their iOS devices, it still remains very limited on iOS when compared to the widgets that are available on Android devices, which are more unbounded and offer more varieties.

By Dean Workman
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