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Nigeria: Get Free Airtime For Responding To Surveys

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Nigeria- get free airtime
Nigerians want to be compensated with airtime for participating in surveys according to Billaway.

A U.S based marketing technology platform, Billaway, revealed in August 2017 polling data which showed that mobile users in Nigeria would like access to more airtime for their mobile devices. The results, which were from a survey targeting smartphone users throughout the country, showed that 91 percent of respondents were currently running on pre-paid services. These pre-paid services have limits set on the amount of data that consumers can access on a monthly basis.

Taking this into consideration, Billaway asked consumers what their preferred reward would be for taking surveys or participating in activities with their mobile operator, and an overwhelming 78 percent of people said they would like to receive free airtime so they can stay connected at any given time.

The mobile focused survey discussed the different options mobile network operators could offer in a rewards-type program and over 45 percent of respondents selected access to more airtime over any other offering. Findings showed that some consumers would choose other rewards with 3 percent saying they would choose a discount on new handsets or devices, 25 percent saying bonus talk/text minutes would be their preference, 15 percent choosing gift cards to major retailers and 7 percent selecting free tickets to events.

The survey also showed that despite 72 percent of respondents having been with their current operators for over two years, more than 48 percent of those would switch immediately to a different mobile network operator that offered the ability to earn airtime for their device.

Nigerians are spending up to N5,000 ($14) (on average) per month on their mobile bills. This indicates that mobile consumption is high and people are heavily engaged on their devices, but they are always looking for ways to get more data so they can access social media, banking, chat to family and friends and live their everyday lives at their own command.

A solution for mobile consumers.
Earlier this month, BBM Rewards launched in Nigeria, enabling mobile users to participate in lifestyle surveys and simply share their opinions to receive their free mobile airtime. BBM Rewards can be accessed via the BBM app, which can be downloaded for free on any smartphone that uses either an iOS or Android platform. Today, the BBM app now extends beyond Blackberry devices which proved popular in the last decade and can also be run on iPhones and Android-based devices.

Users of BBM Rewards simply have to click the ‘Rewards’ tab, located in the ‘Discover’ section of the BBM app, select which survey they would like to do (whether that’s on sports, food, politics, education etc.) and in exchange for their time, they will receive a certain amount of Naira, which be credited to their mobile bill.

“In order for users to earn free talk/text/data for sharing their opinions, users first download the BBM app, and register in the rewards section,” said Paul M. Harkins, CEO of Billaway. “Once they have done that, earning additional airtime is as simple as sharing thoughts and opinions in surveys. There are no wrong answers.”

Billaway, who developed BBM Rewards currently works with mobile operators, messaging apps and other mobile entities in South Africa, Nigeria, Malaysia, Unites States, Canada, U.K and Singapore.

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