Ethio-telecom introduces new services

August 7, 2017 • East Africa, Mobile and Telecoms

LTE-U Network, Ethio-Telecom

Ethio-Telecom has announced the launch of ten new services.

Ethio-telecom has announced that it will introduce new services for enterprise and individual customers. The new services will help end users by improving their internet, voice and SMS experiences says the company.

The operator said the services include Virtual ISP/ VISP/ which ensures that companies sell internet service to end users without fully deploying telecom infrastructures. The company is hoping to generate ETB 5.8 million revenue from VISP with a customer base of 5,000.

Ethio-Telecom enterprise customers will have access to VPN which will allow them to connect to branches, head office and data centre in a secure manner. The service will have an estimated ETB 4.7 million revenue, serving 4,000 customers.

The teleco will offer Night Mobile Internet Package which aims to mitigate data traffic jam during pick hours and to make internet service more affordable especially for students. The service is compatible with both prepaid and postpaid customer service and all network types such as 2G, 3G and 4G.

Part of the new services includes, “Keep my Number” a service that enables mobile and fixed line customers to keep their numbers the service was introduced to reduce number termination rate and to keep customers’ interest.

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