WATCH: Interview With “The BuzzFeed of Africa”

OMG Digital Co-Founder Jesse Arhin Ghansah.
OMG Digital Co-Founder Jesse Arhin Ghansah.
OMG Digital Co-Founder Jesse Arhin Ghansah.

Dubbed by TechCrunch as the “BuzzFeed of Africa”, OMG Digital is looking to dominate the digital content space in Africa. IT News Africa spoke to Co-Founder of OMG Digital, Jesse Arhin Ghansah, who unpacked the digital content climate in Africa.

Founded in early 2016 by Jesse along with his partners, Dominic Mensah and Prince Boakye Boampong, OMG Digital started with the idea of creating a new media company which target Africa’s millennial population through shareable and hyper-local pop-culture content. OMG Digital already has monthly aggregated content views of over 90 million, a monthly social reach of 80 million, with 4.5 million readers to the website each month since its launch in February 2016. The company currently runs its operations from its head office in Accra, Ghana with offices also located in Lagos, Nigeria, Nairobi, Kenya and San Francisco, USA.

The platform currently operates in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya, where the 25-strong team, create and curate listicles, pictorials, videos and memes that are tailored to specific African countries and cultures. Reflecting the diverse interests of the 250 million+ African millennials on the continent. OMG Digital’s brands currently include OMGVoice and Servepot.

IT News spoke to Jesse Arhin Ghansah about the inspiration and vision behind OMG Digital, the impact of Social Media and the plans for the future after receiving $1.1 million in funding.

Watch the interview here:

By Dean Workman